Shadowlocked - The quandaries and possibilities of Mass Effect 3

Shadowlocked - Our very own Chris Morgan (a passionate Mass Effect fan) discusses why and what he thinks will be sure to stand out in Mass Effect 3.

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Godmars2902796d ago

The one thing I'd like to see - starship if not fleet combat - wont be in it. I know that much.

Crossifixxo2796d ago

Damn! If they did however have some sort of command option for allies joining the war it would be fantastic, eg, the good geth, the rachni, could be given tasks with their ships. Then again this is already a big game, I just want it to continue being fantastic.

BlackBriar2796d ago

I love this Series!! Don't funk it by adding Multiplayer!! Bioshock 2 is the perfect example.

Blacktric2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

First things first, I want most of the squad members from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 to return as squad members again. The ones like Wrex might not come back as a squad member since he's busy gathering all the Krogan clans under Urdnot. But they might aid Shepard in the final battle. Also, I want Thane cured. Hell, I'm pretty sure he'll be cured in the third game considering people on Facebook started a movement called "Cure Thane" and even official Mass Effect page on Facebook posted it on their page to get followers for the movement.

Solans Scott2796d ago

I can't wait to see the ramifications of my decisions in Mass Effect 3. Bioware has truly outdid themselves with the series and I know they are going to give me the epic finale I crave.

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