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Mister_G2399d ago

I know you've gotta keep moving to stay alive, but wish he'd stand still and admire the scenery a bit.

Looking really great! :)

deadpoole2399d ago

This game is amazing, one of the most beautiful game ever.

captain-obvious2399d ago

looks grim and brutal
looks like some part of hell
i love the atmosphere

MintBerryCrunch2399d ago

the map just begs for interactivity with the shooting a plant and chemicals spraying all over creatures, plants that can kill you and so forth

-Alpha2399d ago

"plants that can kill you and so forth"

That seems to be the case when you read their description

MerkinMax2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Maybe that is why he had to keep sprinting, the level was probably going to kill him!

Inside_out2399d ago

Looks OK...Where's the man eating much of a jungle, more like a psychedelic cave. At least there isn't a hurricane blowing through.

Can't wait to down load the beta for the definitive first look. Looks like a fast and loose type of map. Explains all the close quarter shotgun play and melee attack.

ABizzel12399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

This is not the kind of jungle I was expecting. I was think...I don't know more...GREEN.

The map looks great, but it looks more like a wasteland or a scorched area with fungus than a jungle. The excuse is it's an alien jungle. That's fine, but since it's and alien jungle they could have been a little more creative.

The game is beautiful, but even better than the graphics is the audio. Listen to the gunfire from around the map. How many other games do this, it's generally proximity hearing only, and maybe an explosion.

UnwanteDreamz2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

"Looks like Bulletstorm...kinda"

Yea kinda better.

starchild2399d ago

I knew it wouldn't be a jungle like in Crysis, but I thought it could at least be something like a darker version of the jungle in Avatar. That doesn't really even look like a jungle. It still looks great, don't get me wrong.

NateCole2399d ago

Wow, you people expected eden? lol!.

Helagan is a hellhole. Its where the helgan society was exiled to after the first extrasolar war.

Think about this for a minute. If Helgan had nice tropical rainforest. Why didn't the helgan population settle there in the frist place?. A lot of early helgan died because of the harsh environments on helgan. Helgan was never meant for human settlement other than just mining operations. To have lush green rainforest goes against the universe GG created for helgan and it wont make sense.

STREET x KING2399d ago

this actually looks awesome!!!! But calling it a jungle is misleading, a jungle is by definition a dense forrest so i wasn't expecting this but it looks really cool. i'm not a fps fan but killzone has peaked my interest.

ExplosionSauce2399d ago

I like your attempt at stealth-trolling.
But really, you can't be "stealth" if everyone already knows -_-
"Bulletstorm" is the last thing that comes to mind.

OT: This actually looks pretty good. I kinda like the looks of the jungle, understanding that Helghan is indeed a hellhole, like NateCole above puts it.

Bathyj2399d ago

Giving everyone the jungle from Avatar wouldnt be more creative at all. It would be the obvious choice. It would be just a shortcut to thinking about their own design. And it would be wrong.

It is a jungle.
A jungle on a planet thats had the sh*t bombed out of it.

Earth take note.

pain777pas2399d ago

That looks sick! This is not for g string and panty wearers guys (unless you're female). This is for badasses only. Guerilla... I'm in day one.

pain777pas2399d ago

Bulletstorm demo was alright. I like what they are trying to do. This is my game though. Haven't played KZ2 in a month or so on the multiplayer side. Might play tonight but you just can't have a quick match. The game sucks you in the adrenaline of one more kill equalling another 20-30mins online.

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Christopher2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Thank you for posting this! This is the one map I'm really interested in.

That last melee kill was pretty nice.

@Alpha: The design isn't based on a humanoid civilization and has openings and pathways that aren't the norm. In addition, it's a beautiful looking zone. I do wish there was more signs of the notable large insects and animals mentioned in its description, but there's a lot there that will make people think a bit differently without relying on typical walls and similar covers.

-Alpha2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Care to give an explanation? I'm in a lecture :(

I've been waiting to see the foliage, I love jungles.

Is it dark? Is there animal life? Is it dense forestry?


Thanks. Remember that this is MP. I expect SP Jungle to look even better/more detailed

GiggMan2399d ago

This is totally different than what I had expected. I liked the way Guerrilla Games thinks.

Pixelated_Army2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

I can only imagine what this will look like on my LED 50" 1080p 120hz TV!

Every melee kill he got I was like

That map is so beautiful! Congratulations GG you're going to have a monster hit with KZ3.

KZ3 hype mode in full effect!

MarcusFenixITA2399d ago

yes, in our living room we habe nearly the same TV. But I have a pretty good TV too but I will play KZ3 on the LED too. Can't freaking wait

Shani2399d ago

yes.. it would be awesome to play this game on LED with 5.1 channel. Can't wait to get my hands on this.

For now, I am just watching videos of KZ3 again n again.

nano882398d ago

its better with game mode on trust me

OldParr2399d ago

so basically KZ3 is run left, right, forward, and backward shoot and knife.

Pixelated_Army2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )


kneon2399d ago

Doesn't that pretty much describe every FPS?

Leio2399d ago


If you summarize your life that way it wont be much of a list :/

OldParr2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

my life; which has nothing to do with this, is pretty good!!! thanks for asking! however if u didn't see that in that video then u are blind!!! and no every fps is like that do some research!!

Leio2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Your life is just a metaphor no one give a dam.. you can change it to "your mother" or whatever suit you :/. We see more than that in the vid so perhaps youre more of a blind one here. Every fps is "basically" run left, right, forward, and backward shoot and knife. Oh i did some research some of them have jump too :/

STiRacer2399d ago

Nice looking game, but, being that its a multi-player map its just completely awful. Its basically a tunnel and corridor map. That cannot fare well in a multiplayer environment.

OldParr2399d ago

wow dude seriously!! u are trying to get offensive just because I didn't like what i saw on that video. just like u don give a f@#$ about my life... i don't give a f@@# what u say!!! the gameplay sucks nothing to see here... I pass. if u like it thats up to u and i dont give a f@#$ about it.

jidery2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Racing games are left and right, hack and slashes are spam one or two buttons, rpg's are clicking menus, rts's are point and click, puzzlers are think and do, adventures are runing with the occasional spaming of buttons, See how easy it is to describe every genre the way you did?

Ifone2399d ago

Some call of noobies just Can't understand real competitives fps :)