Guerrilla Geek Reaction: Bulletstorm Demo Goes Live

Guerrilla Geek's Carl takes a few moments to pry himself away from the new Bulletstorm demo and give his initial reactions.

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deafwing2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

good points on this article and i agree on the whole breaking the "monotony" bit. This game may put some fun back into fps's on consoles again but it's quirky-uniqueness gives this strong rent appeal.

I'm guess that's because we've been so serious about fps over the last few years, we probably forgot how to just bug out in them. this is a like a platform for "buggin' out".

crwatkins2880d ago

Yeah, I think there's a good chance I will completely spazz out the first time a "professional" compares it to Black Ops...

I think it has a really good chance of being something unique and that counts for a lot in my mind.