Quick Look: Breach

Life's a Breach...and then your teammate blows up the bridge you were on.

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XMBeaner2876d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA that's what they get for trying to clone COD! FAILLLLLLLL!!!!


If you mean Modern Combat, that game is more similar like Counter Strike, not like COD.

XMBeaner2876d ago

I know what you're trying to do troll and I'm not failing for it. FAILSAUCE!

Pwnage2u2876d ago

Looks like someone hasn't played the game.

XMBeaner2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Looks like someone is a troll. Why is N4G overrun with these haters? Leave and never return!

@DaCajun I see what your trying to do here and your voodoo witch doctor reverse psychology won't work on me!

DaCajun2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

You are the Troll because Modern Combat is a CounterStrike clone just like Breach is a Battlefield clone and not a very good one at that. But both are still fun especially for the prices.

Pwnage2u2876d ago

Looks like he needs to look up the definition of troll.

killcycle2876d ago

none of these games are "clones" so lets just drop that immature shit right now.

DaCajun2876d ago

Nothing wrong with clones some are actually more fun and better than the games they cloned. So calm down it will be ok young one.

Raendom2876d ago

There is no outrage because these games were never competitors.

Breach isn't on PS3 because the developer probably didn't have the (engine, money, time) to do it.

If I wanted to play BFBC2 I'd rather opt for the full version.

XMBeaner2876d ago

The only outrage I see is the outrage for all the Gameloft bots getting pwnd like the n00bs they are. We won guys. We beat them. Black Operatives reveal the truth so the world can seeeeeeee~!

ediddy9992876d ago

I don't want to be mean but STFU!!!

hamsterfist2876d ago

Next time try to post more then one sentence.

Parasyte2876d ago

It is 1200 MS points and is definitely NOT worth it. The graphics are some of the worst I've ever seen! They could have easily come from a PSOne game up-scaled poorly to HD. The controls feel heavy and unresponsive, and the "environment destruction is laughable!

ediddy9992876d ago

I don't know it looks kinda fun.

lugia 40002876d ago

I hated the game in the exact same way you described, but somehow it felt... fun

XMBeaner2876d ago

Who's the fool. The fool that wrote this or the fool that clicked that link, then left a comment and probably went to the website, and likely visits N4G for "gaming news".

KwietStorm2875d ago

The simple answer is you are the fool. You've made that quite clear all over this page. Go find something to do.