Rumor: Elusive Kinect update already happened!

From the 123Kinect article:"The whole story about the Kinect update might be finally coming to a conclusion. Remember that we first reported that the Xbox 360 is holding back Kinect because of the usb-connection. Not long after we reported that Microsoft was coming with an update to resolve this limitation and effectively quadruple Kinect’s resolution. And finally we posted a story on how Microsoft was denying this update. Now we have some juicy new rumors on this whole update business."

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tudors2706d ago

@gypsygib it's not like 1080 is required is it.

gypsygib2706d ago

No, not at all. I just thought it was funny that the article said they quadrupled the resolution to arrive at 640 x 480 lol.

IHateYouFanboys2705d ago

ummmm gypsygib, maybe you should do a bit of simple maths.

depth camera resolution before rumoured update: 320x240 = 76800 pixels
depth camera resolution after rumoured update: 640x480 = 307200 pixels

307200/76800 = you guessed it, 4. that means that, if the rumoured update is true, it QUADRUPLED the resolution of the depth camera.

pay more attention in school kiddo.

candystop2706d ago

Kinect is going to rock hard as soon as these games start to come out. Star Wars should be a blast and future updates will really help help it improve.

tudors2706d ago

Well it certainly plays better, 1.1 in most cases, performance wise there are no complaints now.

Dlacy13g2706d ago

I do agree it seems to track better but I am not sold on the camera upgrade.... unless this is just a update that allows the camera to go that high but the software needs to tell it to do so...cause most of the video in games is still very low quality.

AutoCad2706d ago

nice, is this why my Table tennis skills have increased lol

badkolo2705d ago

yes i think so becuase while not many are mentioning this but kinect performance has been improved, i thought i was crazy but its alot better then it was originaly