Exclusive: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (PlayStation Phone) preview

Oh yes. After all the unbearable teasing since we unveiled the first ever photos of the PlayStation Phone, we've finally managed to get hold of the real deal for an in-depth preview. Honestly, we couldn't wait any longer with this thing floating around in China; we'd otherwise have to wait until MWC, where we expect the phone to be launched as the "Xperia Play" (and we shall refer to this name henceforth). Before you pop the cork for us, do bear in mind that what we're seeing here is subject to changes, so don't be alarmed by any missing features or exposed cables in our preview. When you're ready, head right past the break to find out what Sony Ericsson's cooking up.

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rrw2705d ago

so which one is the worst keep secret in industry?

PSP2 or Xperia play

zootang2705d ago

This solves the problem of having to carry around my phone and my PSP, Lovely!

Blaine2705d ago

Well the PSP2 was never really a secret to begin with. We always knew Sony was saving the second analog stick for their next gen portable console.

So that would make the Xperia the worst kept secret by default... Especially since we've heard rumors of a PSP phone for a LONG time now!

TheLastGuardian2705d ago

I like how the PS Phone hasn't even officially been announced yet but we're already getting previews for it. Sony could've built so much more hype had they revealed it before it got leaked by engadget.

gaffyh2705d ago

Actually PSP2 isn't the worse kept secret, because we don't know what it looks like, or the confirmed specs. Xperia Play leak is quite bad, but PSPgo leak was worse.

In any case, I like it. Looks quite good, but depends on the games. If it is just PSP and a phone, then it is kinda pointless. I personally think it should be a PSP2 phone, with this being a prototype (for the looks only).

GodHandDee2705d ago

considering most we 'know' of psp2 are rumors, I would say Xperia Play

and damn Sony knows how to make sexc hadware

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Keith Olbermann2705d ago

I just dont understand what sony is thinking making this type of phone. If it cant play games on par with the iphone then that is terrible.

deadreckoning6662705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

And whats even crazier is that their marketing 7 year old tech with the PSP. If the PSP2 was the REAL PS Phone, then it would make perfect sense considering how powerful the PSP2 is rumored to be.

"Create Pre-PSP2 games on Xperia Play. (this will increase the hype for both the PSP2 and PSP2 games)"

So u expect the same people who buy a PSP Phone to get the PSP2 soon after? ...LOL. Why not just skip the PSP Phone altogether and just get the PSP2?

Blaine2705d ago

It has buttons. Therefore ANY game on this thing is automatically superior to iPhone games.

R2D22705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

WTF is it and why would some buy it when you can get an Iphone for the same price.

zootang2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Metal gear solid: Peace Walker
Monster Hunter
Gran Turismo PSP
Little Big Planet PSP

All the PSone classics like FF7,8,9, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 1/2, Tomb Raider and planty more!

SuperStrokey11232705d ago

I thought that would self evident even to you...

silvacrest2705d ago


okay.....with that logic other phone manufacturers should stop selling there products because "why would some buy it when you can get an Iphone for the same price"

also, you know how much this cost before its even announced?....impressive

anyway, i'll answer your arrogant claims, maybe someone wanting to buy this:

doesnt want a iphone, i could stop right here but i wont
wants android
wants a bigger screen
wants actual, physical gaming controls not touch screen
wants to use his SD card
wants to be able to change his battery

and lets not forget this is a gaming phone, it will have its own games, hence the pocket playstation app

i could seriously go on and on but i hope you get the point

TheLastGuardian2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

"Why would someone buy it when you can get an Iphone for the same price?"

I will.

The Iphone is old and it only has touch controls and the games aren't made for playing hours on end. The PS Phone has Playstation buttons and will be a very powerful handheld capable of graphics better than the Iphone 4. I bet the Playstation Phone will have the best games ever made for a phone concidering it's a Playstation and all.

visualb2705d ago

"WTF is it"

you type this in a preview comments section when the preview answered quite a lot of questions...

*facepalm* on your face

Keith Olbermann2705d ago

I thought psp phone only played ps1 titles and mini game crap??? Am I wrong here??

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HolyOrangeCows2705d ago

If it's just the PSP2 in phone form, I'll consider. And if it is, it sure as heck better be available on lots of networks (I have.......Sprint. Yeah, yeah. Shut up).

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Passthemic2705d ago

I hope that's not the final version.

Raendom2705d ago

The back of it is really pretty, I imagine that it's really comfortable to hold.

btk2705d ago

Android Phone. The one thing that it can draw on is the current PSP titles.

But this will most likely sell better than the PSP "classic" versions. Why would devs want to develop for PSP if Android on powerful enough hardware is available without need to license titles. I predict that the PSP titles will taper off and we will see more Android titles.

tubers2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )


1. Slowly kill PSP 3000 and Go.

2. Slowly let Xperia Play access PSN PSP library. (this will become PSP1's pseudo successor)

3. Create Pre-PSP2 games on Xperia Play. (this will increase the hype for both the PSP2 and PSP2 games)

4. ???

5. Profit.

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