Rumour: Gameplay Mails Halo 3 Early?

Are copies of Halo 3 being dispatched by Gameplay already? Two users on BXB have posted screengrabs of their Gameplay accounts which suggests they are. Both The Crawf and Urban Wolf UK have posted images in this thread which show the order history for their gameplay accounts. These imply that their copies of Halo 3 have been dispatched already.

Gameplay are known for dispatching games to arrive on day of release, and occasionally can arrive the day before. Many people have ordered Halo 3 from Gameplay hoping to get the game a day early.

The evidence we've seen tonight suggests that Gameplay are already preparing and dispatching orders. Possibly as a knee jerk reaction to the breaking of the street date by Argos or even because they have such a high quantity of games to mail out.

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BrotherSic3871d ago

I can confirm this to be true.

My friend mentioned that he had received an email from gameplay saying that his reserved copy of Halo 3 had been sent earlier due to the amount of orders they had taken.

it says that it was dispatched today so it should be in his hands friday.

Wasn't sure if to believe him at first but this confirms it.