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Submitted by ajcastillo 1840d ago | news

The POPE believes that game developers are "Perversed"

In a message delivered during the celebration of World Communications Day in the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope criticized the violence and sexuality exhibited in games as a means of entertainment, stating that "Any trend to produce programs and products Including animated films and video games, in the name of entertainment that exalt the exposed of violence and antisocial behavior or the trivialization of human sexuality is a perversion" (Culture, Nintendo DS, PC, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

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a_bro  +   1840d ago
you know, the catholic church isnt such a saint either. considering all the violence they had caused during these past 800+ years...
anh_duong  +   1840d ago
catholic church calling games developers perverse?? some of the choirboys might beg to differ
Anarki  +   1840d ago
mrv321  +   1840d ago
Gamers T-bad you in a game
Priests... well... yeah.

Banning condoms because of a book, causing millions of deaths because a recent issue... genius

Let's not forget the countless wars.

But yeah I suppose you can say people who code for virtual wars are peverse.
Reddeaddestroyer2   1840d ago | Spam
StanSmith  +   1840d ago
"game developers are perversed"........Says the leader of the kiddie fiddlers! Lol
kancerkid  +   1840d ago
The Pope has said that an invisible man in the sky exists and watches over us night and day.

Man, that guy must be smokin' some HEAVY stuff.
jony_dols  +   1840d ago
I ain't a Catholic, but when I see sick shit like Rapelay, being created by an albeit tiny minority of game dev's.
I tend to agree with some of the stuff the Pope said.

No matter what their religion, there will always be sicko-perverts in our society.

Last time I checked Ted Bundy the rapist, necropheliac, mass murderer wasn't a Catholic priest.

Edit @disagrees: Yes I'm sorry, Rapelay is a family oriented game that should be enjoyed by everyone. I'm suprised it hasn't been ported to the Wii.

Or maybe your disageeing at there being perverts in every society? Find a country in which their never has been a rape or murder and then get back to me.
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Lyr1c  +   1840d ago
The Catholic Church makes religion look bad.

The mere fact that he is a false idol (which is against God's Law) is bad enough. Never mind all of the murders, rapes, and lies the damned thing is responsible for. As if altering the Holy Bible to fit your needs won't get you sent to Hell....
badz149  +   1840d ago
OMG the pope has spoken
Gaming is doomed! Seems like he only condones casual and mini games!
gcolley  +   1840d ago
@ Lyr1c - religion makes religion look bad.

BTW you have to update outdated books if you want modern people to follow you. up-to-date bullshit is easier to sell than outdated bullshit
Morbius420  +   1840d ago
Ted Bundy wasn't a mass murderer. He was a seriel killer. Mass murderers like James Huberty [McDonald's massacre]go postal at one or more locations on the same day. Serial killers kill a minimal three people over time ranging from days to years, even decades.
GodsHand  +   1840d ago
Maybe he should take the time to read the bible, and read all about the incest(sex), violence, greed, etc.. I never finshed the bible, but the first ten pages has all that. He should also take a world history class and look up religious persecution.
-Alpha  +   1840d ago
Sounds like you read more than most self-professed Christians.

The Pope decries gaming violence but I'm sure he has no qualms with films depicting Jesus' bloodbaths-- I can't count how many parents have taken their CHILDREN to watch The Passion of Christ.

I'm willing to bet that the psychological damage done to children is equally or much more devastating with The Passion than most violent video games.

And of course, anyone who can read can see the amounts of evil, sexism, corruption, and perversions in the monotheistic religious texts. Yet somehow these stories are approved in Sunday schools. At least children know video games are fake, unlike some of the religious concepts that they are made to fear.
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kaveti6616  +   1840d ago
The first ten pages doesn't have any of that stuff.

Edit: Haha, yeah, I love that movie, when he drops the third tablet, I laughed my ass off.

"I bring you fifteen command-" *Drops third tablet* "Ten... ten commandments"
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UnSelf  +   1840d ago

i was just about to......
GodsHand  +   1840d ago
Ok, maybe the first twenty. All I know is, from what I read, and it was not much into the book.

I simply stopped, because it was making less and less sence, and seemed imcomplete. While I argued with others about, how it is interpreted, and they would say it's clear as day, and there is nothing to be interpreted. Well, that may be, perhaps it's just got translated wrong.

What I did get out of it, don't call your neighbors fools, and don't use God in blasphemy, because those are the worst of sins. I don't know where the ten commandments fit into the picture, or 15 depending on what you belive (History of the World: Movie).
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DaTruth  +   1840d ago
The Bible is a story about God and man; it has anything that man does in it!

How come they have no problem with aiding and protecting perverted priests who molest children!

@Alpha-male: Catholics are actually discouraged from reading the Bible; the Catholic hierarchy feels it should not be interpreted by laymen!

Edit:When you take all your information about God from a man, you effectively make that man a god over you!
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kaveti6616  +   1840d ago
Godshand, I don't want to accuse you of lying, but the first twenty pages don't have any of that stuff that you mentioned, either.

Not only that, but how could you possibly have read about any of the commandments in the first twenty pages when they are not mentioned at all until hundreds of pages in to another book of the Old Testament?

If you didn't read the Bible, why do you say you did?
Greysturm  +   1840d ago
Impressive you read the old testament but you must have seriously not read the article.

I know its hard to get out of your "cool atheist" rethoric but if you use the reason that you praise so much youll see that the point he tries to make is valid. He doesnt mention that all game makers are perverted SOBs that should be castrated he just profesed his concern that our entertainment is becoming a bit overindulging in its violence and sexuality. According to psicology repeated exposicion to crude material trivializes its emotional impact and its effect on society might not be in its very best interest.

No one argues that games like God of War are great fun, but caution must be had regarding its representation of the value of life and the participation of violence in actual society. Japanese games and media tend to sexualize its female caracters to a fault which is a big issue when the characters who are represented are underage and sometimes even kids (MGS: Peace Walker run a huge gambit on this area. Letting you have a relationship with a girl which at the time you thought was underage). This is a topic which by your arguments must be a deep concern of yours.

We all know the popular mantra "Sex sells", but doesnt a problem arise when thats all we are selling?. I got introduced to True blood the other day and was amazed how little plot it had in comparison to sexual scenes and sexual references.

The main problem i believe is mainly that some media deals to much in absolutes, some more context would be nice.
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XabiTheHumble  +   1840d ago
"Maybe he should take the time to read the bible, and read all about the incest(sex), violence, greed"
You, my friend, have NEVER picked up a bible.
"I never finshed the bible"
You have now completely made yourself irrelevant when it comes to this topic.
Bigpappy  +   1840d ago
@Greysturm: I am not asking for more sex in gaming, but developers hardly use sex in gaming. They may exploit the sexuality of women is games, but I find that to be as normal as having the sun shine during the day and not at night. They are dealing with young males here for the most part. But sex in gaming is delt with more harshly buy the rating system than violence.
GodsHand  +   1839d ago
@ kaveti6616

I know the first twenty pages don't have the ten commandments. I read part of it, and there is a guy who gets drunk, and gets raped by his daughters. But I guess I am lying and must of made that up. Either way it has all that stuff, or anything you really want to belive. People still today interpret it with todays events.

@ Kenrocc_42
Well I guess I have'nt pciked up a bible. Why are you here at, should'nt you be starting a cult or something, with all your great knowledge of people on what they have and not have done. You talking only about me and not the topic at hand has made you irrelevant. Don't blame me for your unfortunate past with a priest that thought you had one hot piece of arse. Even though you did not get arse raped, because I know you did, even though I was not there to prove it. It was during the time when I did take a look at the bible.
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kaveti6616  +   1839d ago

Yeah, that happens. However, the Bible itself doesn't advocate the raping of a man by his two daughters.

A lot of the Bible is a poetry, and the rest is a story.

Bad things happen in stories.

Anne Frank wasn't advocating the Holocaust in her diary, was she?

At the same time, it is undeniable that there are parts of the Bible that advocate acts which today we consider to be wrong.

The Bible does not condemn slavery. It says that slaves must be treated well.

People interpret this differently. Some people say that if the Bible doesn't outright condemn slavery, then it is advocating it.

There is a part in the Bible where a prophet gets made fun of for being bald. He curses the children who make fun of him and they get eaten by bears.

This is a story. But some anti-religious people (who troll the net) say that the Bible is advocating child abuse through this story.

But it's just a story.

The controversy and debate and hate surrounding the Bible is really caused by the ignorance of people who have already made up their minds about it.

They want it to look bad, so they look for things within it to make their point.

It's so easy to do that.
Firebird360  +   1840d ago
Agreed, plus he's a false idol. He should look at himself better he questions others.
tplarkin7  +   1840d ago
The Pope is just saying that sex outside of marriage is wrong and that the media glorifies casual sex. That is a perversion of the truth and undignified behavior for men.
ElementX  +   1840d ago
That's just a rule made up by man. What is dignified and who decides?
Guitarded  +   1840d ago
All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Judge not lest ye be judged.

Jesus the Christ(it's His title not His last name)is the only one worthy to judge another.

If you read the bible with an open heart and mind and ask the one and only true God to show you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth you will come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus and have everlasting life.

If you read the bible looking to justify your continuance in sin you can find that also. Unfortunately that leads to eternal death and weaping and gnashing of teeth and lots of other unpleasant stuff.

Choose life!
Danniel1  +   1840d ago
fall short of the glory of a god who has twice destroyed civilization because he did'nt like it, he made man in his image and does'nt seem to like the reflection so much... hardly worth worship.
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GarandShooter  +   1840d ago
A good, kind, and loving father can still have a child that follows the wrong path. Freewill can be a bitch...

It's also a kickass Rush song...
Guitarded  +   1840d ago
Very nice GarandShooter. Rush. Love their music. Will pray for their souls.

God sooooo loved the world he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Choose to believe the truth not the lies. It is a choice you make. Are you willing to risk the chance to live in paradise forever because you choose to believe a lie? Check it out with an open heart and mind before it's too late.

God gave control of the earth to Adam and he gave it to Satan. Satan is responsible for all the bad in the world. Not God or Adam.

Oh, and Adam. C'mon man. You had one rule to follow. ONE RULE!
SLAGKILL   1839d ago | Spam
Tachyon_Nova  +   1840d ago
Yeah considering he probably f*cks kids before bed, he can f*ck off.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   1840d ago
how can you even say stuff like this??
Godmars290  +   1840d ago
That's funny
Pretty sure most game developers, many people in fact, consider the Catholic Church to have perverted the Word of God for its own material needs. The whole thing about protecting pedophiles within their ranks a recent example.
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-Alpha  +   1840d ago
It's funny how irrelevant and out of touch the Church is. They are so ridiculously silly and full of corruption that their attempts at trying to be moral figures comes off as a complete joke. They are hypocrites.

Let's face it, nobody cares what the Pope has to say about a lot of things. Yet he tries to have an opinion on matters that he has no expertise in. This is the same Church, mind you, that spreads propaganda on condoms, lying about them spreading aids and guilting people to believe it is sinful to protect yourself from diseases.
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AntoineDcoolette  +   1840d ago
Which church?
Reddeaddestroyer2   1840d ago | Spam
DarkFantasy  +   1840d ago
not all churches are like this tho,the one i use to go to was really good but it wasn't catholic tho every time i was there we mostly talked about doing good for your self and outhers as well as the regular stuff my minister is chinese XD hes a good guy he really helps you make sense of things specialy when things are going bad in you're life hes like the Mr. Miyagi of churches :P..I think condoms are great,you really need them now a days..Vanginas are like a box of never know what you're gonna get XD
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Guitarded  +   1840d ago
Unfortunately condoms only prevent the physical problems of sex outside of marrige, not the spiritual ones. That's only if they don't break.
madjedi  +   1840d ago
@guitarded Get some meds fast buddy, and god never see's any of that money, which is retarded since he is all powerful but still needs a hand out.

Now i am not 100% sure but the god of mars predates the christian god god.

And several other religions have many gods, so why is the world screwed up if this all powerful god is looking out for us.

And really billions-near infinite galaxys in our universe and god and satan are obsessed, with this microscopic speck of dust and it's inhabitants.

That's what i love about science almost everything can be either verified or disproven by facts/reason.

Better than most religions explanations, this is the truth because i say it is and if you disagree with it.

You can be killed or burn in the pits of hell(hades or tartarus) with all the other nonbelivers and evil people ect.

Religion was good a couple hundred years ago when the illiterate masses needed direction and guidance, when it wasn't slaughtering innocent people.

Now that we are actually learning about how everything works, and it is no longer considered a miracle of god or magic.

Religions are having a hard time maintaining their relevancy, well the ones that always want money and expect a person to be almost perfect anyways.
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gcolley  +   1840d ago
the Word of God. haha thats a good one. it was never the word of god to begin with, it was the Word of Man. why do you capitalise "Word"? and for that matter "God"? is it that wrath of god thing you are afraid of?
Guitarded  +   1840d ago
Ah, but it is The Word of God. There is no other explaination for the detailed and accurate prophecies that have been fulfilled. We are not talking about the generalized open ended stuff that comes from people like Nostradamus. No sir. We are talking serious detail. 90% of bible prophecy has been fulfilled. Absolutely no reason to believe the remaining 10% won't be.

Turn or burn. The choice is yours.

Choose Life!
Godmars290  +   1840d ago
Just trying to respect the religion even though I don't really respect the spokesmen for it.

Besides, I do have as much doubt that we're the result of highly improbable chemical reactions under the further highly improbable right conditions just as some divine being snapped their fingers and brought us into existence. More so when said being's self proclaimed mortal representatives insist that said sole reason for existence is to then tell that being what a nice job they did - or else.

Oh, and give us your money.
Guitarded  +   1840d ago
Actually godmars290 (no capital for you) God spoke us into existance. Also the sole reason for our existance is so that God could love us. The telling Him how good a job He did just comes naturally when the realization of that love hits you.

There was a time I had the same reservations as you, but to find God you must first believe that He is and that He is the rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. I took Him up on it and am greatly rewarded.

Oh, and give God your money. He knows what to do with it and will tell you how to get it to Him. After all you can't take it with you and none of us might make it through tomorrow. Which is the same reason you should believe Jesus is who He said He was and accept Him NOW!

Choose Life!
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Jacobite  +   1840d ago
This from a Pope with the History the Catholic Church has ! lol those with glass houses tut tut
thebudgetgamer  +   1840d ago
i think the pope should shut his mouth and focus on the children that are being molested by priests.
sickbird  +   1840d ago
pot calling the kettle black...
Convas  +   1840d ago
The Pope is throwing stones from inside glass houses ... Let's not open the history books and talk about the Inquisition ...
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blackpanther25  +   1840d ago
who cares.......
SKUD  +   1840d ago
Not a single FUK was given that day....
fear88  +   1840d ago
Not true. It was consensual and with a condom. ;)
NiteX  +   1840d ago
Wow this is a shock! A former nazi criticizing violent media. Who'd thunk it?
DarkFantasy  +   1840d ago
"A former nazi" was he really a nazi?? O_O(!)
00  +   1840d ago
Pure Irony.
LarVanian  +   1840d ago
While I am Catholic myself I firmly disagree with what the Pope has to say here. There are most surely a good some of Catholic video-game developers who would be quite hurt by what he (the leader of the church) has to say about their way of living.
I agree with the article that he should have just asked parents to stop their kids from playing violent games instead.
#10 (Edited 1840d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MagicAccent  +   1840d ago
Now that is some serious trolling by his holiness.

I would say that he's just being ironic. However, given what I know of the Pope and a few his previous claims and proclamations, I would say that his definition of Irony probably would be something along the lines of "sort of like iron"...
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xino  +   1840d ago
music that plays when a perverted dev makes sex scene

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:) (don't be a pervert Ryu:/)

Related video
LunaticBrandon  +   1840d ago
Funny coming from someone so important to an organization that has condoned murder and rape. Also a former Nazi.
Mista T  +   1840d ago
haha, he's gonna blow a gasket when Duke Nukem Forever gets released :P
enkeixpress  +   1840d ago
Pope, I have the utmost respect for you.. but what you just said there is ridiculous.

I think it's best if you just stick to what you do best.. which isn't gaming related at all.
#15 (Edited 1840d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
cochise313  +   1840d ago
Says the guy who's the head of a legion of predators, that hide behind the name of God.
Capdastaro  +   1840d ago
This coming from a guy who tries to hide a global child molestation problem by its priesthood, from the world.
#17 (Edited 1840d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kaveti6616  +   1840d ago
I never liked this Pope.

Ratzinger is the closest thing to a Sith Lord in reality.
USEYOURFIST  +   1840d ago
stupid pedo
Elven6  +   1840d ago
The Pope isn't accused of sex crimes, it's the Vatican sheltered priests that are...
PirateThom  +   1840d ago
And, as a cardinal, Ratzinger enforced a cover-up policy to protect priests.

Doesn't exactly make him innocent.
GarandShooter  +   1840d ago
The cover up was to protect THE CHURCH, not the priests. These people could not be brought to justice without exposing the church, and many poor decisions were made that wound up costing the church far more in the long run.
hoops  +   1840d ago
oh the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church....

Related image(s)
Kewl_Kat  +   1840d ago
Wearing costumes all year long is perverse.
Fel08  +   1840d ago
Well, at least they are making games, instead of molesting little boys.
GodsHand  +   1840d ago
LOL, lets hope.
sprayNpray  +   1840d ago
Hide yo kids!

Related image(s)
sam2236  +   1840d ago
The Pope? He don't know SHEEEEEIT about them videogames!
PSWe60  +   1840d ago
This coming from the guy who protects child molesters and a congregation resposible for thousands of deaths (The Crusades.

TheColbertinator  +   1840d ago
Hey I remember you.You always called 360 fanboys "putobots" in the old days of N4G
Kran  +   1840d ago
The Pope is a troll.

Just sayin :P
silkrevolver  +   1840d ago
Say what you want about the Pope, but...
...his shoes are TIGHT!
Krakn3Dfx  +   1840d ago
What a hypocrite, I just saw ThePope469 post on Kotaku's Dead Space 2 review that, "This game is off the hook, but needs more titties."
VonBraunschweigg  +   1840d ago
What is a pope? Who's God?
dlohnug  +   1840d ago
Well, Von, the pope is a 70-100 year old pedophile who uses God, our supposed creator, to hide behind a curtain of love and respect. What is behind said curtain, you ask? Lies, and rape, lies, and rape.
gcolley  +   1840d ago
pay no attention to the guy behind the curtain
dlohnug  +   1839d ago
lmao gcolley, best comment of the month
-Gespenst-  +   1840d ago
Get with the times old man. What goes on in the catholic church is far more perverse (although I'd use a stronger word) than what's artificially portrayed in videogames.

I mean, what's even so special about the Pope? He's old-fashioned, and decrepid and surely has little to offer in todays society. I just don't understand how he's still as eminent as he is. He has such antiquated, anachronistic ideals. Here's hoping they just discontinue the whole Pope thing when the current one passes away.
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