Geometry Wars: Waves Hands-On

Project Gotham fans aren't strangers to Geometry Wars -- the original began as a bonus in the garage of PGR2 after all, and a demo of Retro Evolved came bundled with 3. For next month's PGR4 release, Bizarre Creations keeps the tradition going with Geometry Wars: Waves, a modified version of Retro Evolved that changes enemy pathways to insane "up and down" patterns which should challenge even the most caffeinated Robotron vets.

To put it another way, Waves is difficult as hell. The video included below is the absolute best performance that your author could muster after roughly 45 minutes of shooting. Why? Well, one reason is that contrary to other installments of the series, players can't earn extra lives, can't upgrade their weapons and won't have any bombs to save them (at least not in the first 1.7 million points they won't). Waves is strictly a "you versus the shapes" battle with nothing more than a pea-shooter to protect you... and it's seriously hard.

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Norad63681d ago

How insane is too insane??? I had a seizure just watching that video!

GioneBurnz3681d ago

GEOWARS IS INSANE....I can;t wait to buy this game on Arcade....!

Pathetic N4G Website3681d ago

Not gonna happen. Waves has been described by the devs solely as an Easter Egg in PGR4.

Whether this variation, or one similar, will make a release on Arcade is another matter, I guess they're busy getting on with the full Wii version for now...