FTG Review: Breach

Breach, a covert Black Ops-ish multiplayer game for Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, and Steam. Is it worth the 1200 points they’re setting it at?

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eccothedolphin72881d ago

Nice to see another quality shooter come out on XBox!

lugia 40002881d ago

Like modern combat rite?

AAACE52881d ago

With the amount of time they took to make this game, I was expecting it to be better! I played the demo and even though it can keep you playing for a little bit, it seems to suffer from a lot of the same problems as Modern Combat!

It's a shame because both games could have been really good download titles! I guess you can lump these two games(Breach, Modern Combat) in the same group as Tango Down!

Ryudo2881d ago

Yep such awesome quality it's on the PS3 as well.

AmigoSniped2881d ago

I was interested in this but after this review I will avoid it.

Parapraxis2881d ago just said "Modern Combat Has Been Breached ...the PS3 gets an iPhone game and the 360 gets Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Lite. Where is the outrage?"

LOL, Modern Combat has got some great review scores.
Maybe should try PLAYING the games before claiming one is better than the other.
Not that these two games have any sort of rivalry in the first place, just pointing out how FAIL the article was.

slate912881d ago

If anyone reads only one review and bases their opinion off of that then they are fools. Theres 8/10 4/5 and many other decent reviews for this. 3.5/10 =/ gtfo. Im playin this game and I love it

lugia 40002881d ago

Im not saying its not fun but...
Look at the M4. The first reload sound is repeated on the second part
The steps have the same sound all over again
The game only has 3 dialogues (How does it feel, bitch? That was close ... and another one I can´t remember)
I saw so many destructible things on the trailer, when I went to the game I said... ah... ok liars.

Dazel2881d ago

Save ya money and go buy Rainbow six 3 from the original xbox, Breach is utter shite!

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