Killzone 3 Single Player Demo Coming On February 16

Ever wanted to get your hands on the action? Killzone 3 may not be out until 23rd of February but we’re giving you a chance to experience into the “Icy Incursion” level that takes place halfway through the campaign.

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milkyway2878d ago

:D stop spoiling us :D :D :D :D

DoomeDx2878d ago

Wow 1 hour old, and only 20 degrees hot!

whats going on? no one intrested?
I cant wait for it!

Pixelated_Army2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

I think what milkyway actually meant to say was don't stop spoiling us. I love you GG! Feb 9 for PS+ subscribers! :D

gijsbrecht2878d ago

He he, I figure that a lot of people think that this is about the MP again and don't realize it's about the SP. Personally I will just wait for the game to come out; already per ordered, so I don't need a demo myself.

vgcgames2878d ago

This is amazing, the demo is Cool. After playing it at E3 I'm a believer in KZ3.

BobbyMcCOOL2878d ago

sweet did you see the level, the graphics are amazing on that level. cant wait

DarkSpawnClone2878d ago

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!! Prepare to be KillzOWNED!!!

cannon88002878d ago

YEAH!! Prepare to get KILLZON3D and have lots of HELGHASMS!!