Rumor: More PS3 Titles Coming From Everday Shooter Creator?

From Kotaku:

"Now I hear that Sony is in talks with Mak to sign him on for a multi-game deal. I think it could be a major coup for the PSN, specifically the indie/casual side of things, if they can make things work out. Mark brings to the gaming scene a sense of fun that seems at times to be getting pushed to the side, so it's nice to see it pop its head up on a major platform"

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doublertist3832d ago

i really hope this is not true...that game looks terrible...welcome to atari days again....been there done that, give me next gen!

BigFART3831d ago

Have some taste man. I've been waiting for more games like this.

Siesser3832d ago

are you kidding? the game looks great. graphics aren't all about high polygons and super-textures. And besides, it's about the intergration of gameplay and music. Think Rez. Think Vib Ribbon.

sajj3163831d ago

Recognize talent and sign em up. Its how Sony got the Little Big Planet guys.

Arkham3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

This kid is an artist. Secure him *now*.

New companies aside, I'd love to see a collaboration with Jaffe.

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