The best Wii-related TV accident yet?

Your mama always told you it's wrong to laugh at someone else's misfortune. But let's be honest, this is damn funny. Yet another instance of Wii destruction has surfaced, bringing mirth to the internet and making our day much brighter. Don't worry, I'm sure the money from You've Been Framed can buy a new telly...

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Dark_Charizard2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Masters should cage these cunning and ferocious wild beasts of prey; else suffer the consequences!!

AliTheBrit4202647d ago

Yeah just about to say the same thing, what an idiot.

ChickeyCantor2647d ago

he steps on the sensitive area of the dog...but only the camera man goes like "omg no way"....when the tv goes down....
And Holy crap there was atleast 2 seconds between de fall and it hitting the ground..GET UP ...

nskrishna22647d ago

well on Youtube he replied to one of the comments that the dog was just scared and he didn't hurt it

koehler832647d ago

The irony of the Balance Board.

ct032647d ago

That's what you get for playing Wii on an HDTV.

nskrishna22647d ago


Thank god i don't own a Wii..:P

LoaMcLoa2647d ago

Thank god you're so stupid

nskrishna22646d ago

Wow...someone is hurt just cuz i'm having a good laugh

Have a sense of humor pal. The dude in the video is the one who uploaded it...or the guy shooting the vid did anyway

Take it easy man, people get so worked up

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