Zune 2 on October 16?

Heads up, Zune fans -- some new product is heading your way sooner rather than later, and we suspect there's more than a couple of things to get jazzed about. According to reports from a "source" inside Microsoft, a new batch of Zunes (AKA Zune 2, Draco, Scorpio, etc.) are due out on October 16th (just in time for the holidays), in both flash memory- and hard drive-based forms.

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stunt2133719d ago

Wow microsoft again trying to take ipod spotlight away, no one even give a sh*t about zune, I am however planning on buying ipod touch on launch day.

marinelife93719d ago

Didn't they just release the first one? Are they just throwing $#!+ against a wall to see what sticks?

Close_Second3719d ago

You could say the same about Apple. Look how many different Ipods there are already!

Before you throw in such an uneducated statement, why not look at all hardware manufacturers. Already there are multiple 360 and PS3 SKUs on the market with more coming. I take it that as a consumer you hate having choice.

SubZero3719d ago

I have a Zune its great other than the fact that everyting extra is made for ipod :( . As soon as they make a iphone ver2 I'll prob jump ship and get everthing in one.

risk3719d ago

new feature: Touchscreen, hey...wait..where have we seen that before??

BIadestarX3719d ago

on PDAs specially those that come with windows mobile... the DS....

PS3n3603719d ago

Ipod Touch FTW. I have one preordered, reviews are coming in and they are raving about it. Just found a site today called puts thousands of songs in your ipod touch for free from any wireless hotsot using the built in safari browser. You cant download them but it streams them. A free program called orbit lets you rip them onto PC though. I have been playing with it on my desktop and it rocks.