Q&A: Turn 10 on Forza 2's 11 new rides; New screens

Released in May of this year, Forza Motorsport 2 continues to thrive not just through its vibrant community of online racers, paint scheme designs, and active auction system, but through Turn 10's support of the game through downloadable content as well. The first DLC pack was released back in August and featured a handful of cars as a free download. Now, the team at Turn 10 is preparing the next DLC pack, which will feature 11 new cars (one of which, the 2007 SEAT Leon Cupra, will be a free download). The download pack is due for release at the end of September and will cost 400 marketplace points.

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K33GAN3900d ago

I'll get it for the and old

Jeremy Gerard3900d ago

this is just one more example of the superior ownership experience that the 360 offers, since i purchased my 360 it has not stopped giving, a very important aspect of a product is value, and 360 just gives me more things that i can actually use than my PS3. Minus the fact im on my second unit since launch, it has very few negatives.

DeFFeR3900d ago

They waited a little too long for my tastes. Released in MAY. It's SEPTEMBER. The single player takes a week to complete, and the online play is redundant and filled with cheaters and little euro-tards who like to scream into their mics. One overpriced DLC (80 pts for one car...nothing special) in 4 months? Please, they've had more patches in that time! You should have picked up the pace Turn 10, PGR4 is right around the corner, not to mention Halo 3.

Gamestop offered me 39.83 for Forza 2 as a trade in for Halo 3, good-bye, and good riddance.

DeFFeR3900d ago

Also, you pay REAL money for the cars, and then you have to spend GAME MONEY to buy them from the dealers.... REALLY LAME! Happy I traded it in!

felidae3899d ago

this game seems kinda forgotten

bumnut3899d ago

i loved it at 1st, the more i played it the more i realsised that it was just forza 1 in hd. but with less tracks.

i bet they will bring the tracks from forza 1 to 360 and expect you to pay for them.

no weather, no night racing & still no rally mode.

boring, after a while

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