Blu-Ray & HD-DVD Camps Meet at Summit

It looks like the Blu-ray / HD DVD format war isn't about to end soon. Worse still, it's hard to separate real information from rhetoric on the state of the battle. We're hoping that some things come to light on October 10 though, at a panel discussion on HD media formats at the DisplaySearch HDTV Conference.

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Rooftrellen3835d ago

If any company besides those giving official number say it, its rhetoric. If a company giving official numbers says it, then, and only then, it is fact.

For instance, anything that comes from this session they speak of will be pure 100% bull plop.

damnwrx3835d ago

GO Blu-ray....................... ...

ps3king3835d ago

Blu-ray has top studio support. Screwing blu-ray screws your self. (Think about it? a blue ray reads info. HD-DVD? just regular ray!! haha)

Charlie26883835d ago

Oh boy this is gonna be interesting! O.O

I predict at least one person will be tasered (apparently its very common this days)

jaja14343835d ago

HAHA I still say he deserves what he got...

When a cop tells you to stop moving, you are better off just doing so. Idiots today.

aiphanes3835d ago

Win this all and rule over the weak ass HD-DVD!


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