The 10 Most Unappreciated Video Game Monsters

Screw villains, they get all the glory. What about the grunts? You know, the hundreds of generic bad guys you have to shoot/frag/slice/photograph between boss battles? Being a grunt has to be the toughest job in a videogame, yet their faces so rarely lead a marketing campaign. This list is for the little guys we mustn't forget.

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kungfuian2856d ago

Just wanted to give a nod to pretty much all of the ghosts in the fatal frame games. Scary as shit and totally under appriciated.

ElementX2856d ago

Never tried Fatal Frame, are those games any good?

SnakeMustDie2856d ago

Play the second one. That game is on par with Amnesia only with japanese chicks in a haunted village.

gillri2856d ago

some great picks there, for scariness I pick the puppets from Thief DS

branchedout2856d ago

A list I actually enjoyed reading.

Imagine that!