Five Things to Stimulate 360 Sales

In a follow up article to "Five Things to Improve PS3 Sales", has an article that focuses on five ways that the 360 can stimulate is stagnant sales as of late, along with adding ways for current owners to gain value from the 360.

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DG3868d ago

At best those are mediocore ideas.

I think they need:
1.Match the Wii's price (on the low end)
2.Make a motion sensor game even if its just one (ie Wii Sports)
3.Uhhm Package Halo3 with the console after 07, Duh. And why doesnt a copy come with the Halo SE console? Damn money grabbers.
4.Hurry up with Video downloads worldwide. I was going to say make it a PVR but this will do.
5.Most importantly keep these sexy @.$.$ game coming.