This Week's Flying Get: F Style (with FFXIII-2 and Versus XIII details)

Andriasang: New title from Platinum Games, new Versus and XIII-2 details, and all the latest magazine leaks.


New Post Added: Two Big Capcom Games for 2011

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2759d ago Replies(1)

I'm loving how FFvsXIII is finally getting a bunch of new info....I'm so excited it's not even funny.

MoB212759d ago

Totally agree, except I keep getting thrown off when the same "ZOMG NEW INFO!!1!!" gets posted like, 6 times in a day.

GodHandDee2759d ago

Capcom -> PSP2 games? would explain the 'unannounced' part

anasurimbor2759d ago

New Platinum Games title? Hell yes.

FiftyFourPointTwo2759d ago

"The difficulty is being set towards the high end."

Great news for Versus.

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