Lens of Truth - First Look: Bulletstorm Demo HD Screenshots and Video (720p)

Lens of Truth writes "In this First Look we bring you the first few minutes of Epic’s new title, Bulletstorm. After eating cheeseburgers on the Bulletstorm bus at E3 we couldn’t wait to get our hands on this demo. Any game with added bonuses for kill combos and a gravity defying front kick is a winner in my book. Check out the gameplay footage and HD gallery below. Be sure to check back soon for our Bulletstorm Demo Screenshot Comparison as well."

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donkeydoo2587d ago

I loved this demo, much better than Crysis 2 MP demo IMO.

BakedGoods2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

The screenshots are XB360.

Unreal engine = fail on the PS3. Cliffy B better pick it up otherwise Sony's house studios will always be number 1 for PS3 tech.

donkeydoo2587d ago

I think those days are over with. But still I agree, PS3 sucks when it comes to the Unreal engine.

RudeSole Devil2587d ago

Not true, its all about how much time these devs put in to the port. Just look at Mass Effect 2 on the PS3.

Neko_Mega2587d ago

Sorry but what? I just played both and the PS3 was ran better and I got the points for all the types of kills I did on the PS3.

On the 360 all I got was the same one and 10 points, PS3 I got about 750 for the samethings I did on the 360.

30sec2587d ago

Bulletstorm and Batman all rocked the UE3 engine. It's the devs, not the engine.

MerkinMax2587d ago

And it was awesome! I love FUN games so much. And to be honest, I thought the graphics were pretty damn good.

gamer20102587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

What's that supposed to prove? At best it proves you like the PS3 controller better.

I am looking forward to a comparison to see which version runs better. I honestly don't care. I will get it for whichever console it looks or runs better on.

BiggCMan2587d ago

RudeSole Devil is right, Its the developers own faults for making multiplatform games look inferior on the PS3. Mass Effect 2 and Batman show that the UE3 can be done perfectly on the PS3 if they take the time to do it. Burnout Paradise is another example, although not on UE3. I think more developers are starting to understand the PS3 a little more, and its starting to show. With the PS3 being the lead platform for games like Dead Space 2, NFS, and if I recall, Medal of Honor as well, I think multiplatform games will start to look and perform better as more developers start to utilize the PS3 a little better.

Headquarters112587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

I have a Sony 1080p led HDtv (with 240hz and motionflow, IDK if that makes a difference). I downloaded the demo on both consoles, and the PS3 version runs A LOOOOOOT smoother.

I'm not sure if it's the MotionFlow on my tv that makes it look like that or what. I don't get the same kind of performance from the Xbox. Battlefield looks like it runs smoother and quicker on the PS3 as well. Kind of like it's running at a slightly higher FPS.

Neko_Mega2587d ago

Controller? Where did you get that from? I said the 360 didn't give me points for my skill kills like the PS3 one did.

Wow talking about miss reading.

2587d ago
BkaY2587d ago

BATMAN: AA says hi....

its not UE ... its the developers... i think blaming UE is story of the past...


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Joe Bomb2587d ago

It was alright, pretty fun but nothing to write home about.

SnakeMustDie2587d ago

It was good but it can get old fast.

suicidalblues2587d ago

Totally agree. The first minute was awesome, but I played it once and didn't want to do it again.

hackersdelight2587d ago

Bah, give me Gears of War 3 please EPIC, this was a little too arcadey for me.

just_the_tip2587d ago ShowReplies(6)
ME19892587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

I enjoyed the demo. Not a day one purchase for me, but will get it down the line for $30.

It actually looked really beautiful too. Unreal Engine can create nice and lush environments, it's just up to the devs.

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