Are You A Hardcore Gamer?

Anyone who is involved in the gaming community knows that there are different categories of gamers. Here I plan to describe the attributes one might have, giving you the opportunity to then see where you fit amongst the gamers in today’s community.

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MGRogue20172855d ago

Yes, I am a Hardcore Gamer. >:)

schlanz2854d ago

I'm just a regularcore gamer.

Fat Bastard2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

I don't think this is a very well written article. There is way too much of a gap between the 3 categories mentioned. They claim that you must have a PC to be a hardcore gamer, which is bullshit considering some people don't have the money to constantly update their computers. Can you be a hardcore hunter and only hunt with rifles? Of course, you don't have to also hunt with a bow and shotguns. The article is also extremely short and seems to have the purpose of stimulating people to brag about how 'games rule their lives' and they are hardcore gamers, because these people try to find consolidation in declaring that in online forums rather than to the real world. I enjoy games, and I play a good bit, but I don't love to tell the world how unique I am in something that isn't unique at all. Many people are addicted, and I don't understand how you can embrace an addiction that can easily waste a lot of your time that could've been used in a more productive manner. Can you own multiple consoles and play a variety of games? Yes, I do. Should you boast about how you spend more time gaming than with your family or working? I think not. "A hardcore gamer will live, sleep and eat video games" entirely proves my point, because that's just sick.

MGRogue20172854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Basically... If you wake up every day & instantly think "Video games".. then you are a Hardcore Gamer.

That's exactly what I do.. every minute of the day, I think of 'em.. therefore, I am a Hardcore Gamer. I actually wanna' be a games reviewer or get involved with something related to gaming.. but don't know where to start lol..

DERKADER2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

I'm a Stickycore gamer, but I know some Chewycore gamers too.

MarcusFenixITA2854d ago

me too ... I wouldn't call myself hardcore. I love to game but there are many other much more important things in life. But I really love Gaming and everything ... it's a kind of hobby.

thebudgetgamer2854d ago

i dont like the fact everything has to fit in a category.

Christopher2854d ago

Definitely not hardcore, but absolutely a fan of games and gaming is my primary hobby.

SquareEnixFan2855d ago

I don't fit any of the descriptions in the article. I play too many games to be the Friday Night Gamer and I'm not the Hardcore gamer because I never attend midnight launches or play online.

Schism202855d ago

Ive never attended a midnight release and never will dont get the point of them. Is it really that hard to wait and play the game the next day?

Tex1172854d ago

Same here.

When I'm not doing anything at home for a few hours, in goes a game.

There needs to be a level inbetween Friday night gamer and Hardcore.

Maybe, the "Hobbiest" Gamer.

That would be me.

mamotte2854d ago

I really like this article. Why, you ask? Because it's talking about HOW we play our games, and not WHAT games we do play. I'm really bored of hardore gamers who think that hardcore is the same as bullets, blood, gore and sex. And that's not the point. Hardcore gamer is one who really love to play, it doesn't matter if he/she plays Halo, Harvest Moon, COD or Rhythm Paradise.

It's about being dedicated, useful to the gamer community, and most important: HAPPY while playing.

PD: My mom is a hardcore gamer. A Solitaire on Windows Hardcore gamer. And she can beat anyone in that game. Full stop.

trevonn952854d ago

my mom is just like yours

kramun2854d ago

Good comment, and I agree.

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