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GS:Fun combat and great looks make DC Universe Online entertaining for a while, though various limitations keep it from being a long-term destination.

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NYC_Gamer2876d ago

reviewers are real hard on this game

OhReginald2876d ago

I agree with this review. Leveling from 1 to 30 is extremely easy, and there is just not enough content outside of the free month.

In about 2 weeks, playing each day for 2-3 hours (sometimes 4 hours) I was able to get to level 30, get all my level 30 PVP gear that is near hawkman, and get close to getting my first piece of iconic battlesuit armor.

nycredude2876d ago

Yeah it isn't a long term destination cause the game is just going to stay this way right and nothing is going to change right?

Seems people are looking at this like its a one and done game and not an MMO.

P_Bomb2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

But where's your platinum? Getting one guy to 30 isn't THAT impressive. I'm already working on #2. There's the content. Try playing as a villain instead of a hero or vice versa, the story/missions and charachters are quite different. They really are two separate campaigns, but no one mentions this, including Gamespot.

Why do some reviews complain about content while ignoring this? Seems lazy. Never ran into Catwoman, Mr Freeze, Ursa, Zoom, Parasite, Metallo, TwoFace, Calculator, or Hawkman/Hawkgirl in combat til I played as a villain. That's more content than inFamous, but people seem to be afraid to start a new guy. Yet in inFamous it was expected you'd try both sides.

DelbertGrady2876d ago

Why can't they just give all PS3 games 10/10? :(

NewMonday2876d ago

I really need help here, how do I "shout"?

When I press the D-pad I get these options:
Current effects
Canned chat

But none have the "shout option.

Help pleas.

hatorade2876d ago

Dude, you played for almost 4 hours a day for 14 days a week. Are you insane? Course you leveled up that fast. That's 56 hours of game play, which in my book is a hefty amount.

NewMonday2876d ago

Sorry for going off-topic, thanks to everyone who PM me.

The game really changes at lvl30, a lot of things get unlocked, and like many say playing one side is only half the game. And the next update is just a month or 2 away. And playing 50+ hours in 2 weeks is a big testament to how fun the game is.

To anyone who is on the fence, this game is worth it even if you just play the free month alone.

OhReginald2876d ago


demon's souls gave me at least 70 hours of gameplay in 2 weeks. and add about 100+ over the year.

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showtimefolks2876d ago

and there is your content plus people its a MMO it will grow over time getting to level 30 is not the end of the world play both hero and villain and you get your money's worth plus more content is coming

RonXD2876d ago

Screw reviews

If you wanna buy this game, go out and buy it.

deadreckoning6662876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Yet u took the time click and comment in a review article? N4G damage control is hilarious. Your blindingly defending this game to the point that you don't make any sense.

Masterchef20072876d ago

What he is saying is true if people want the game all they have to do is buy it. And who says it isnt enjoyable. From what i read the game received many positive reviews so theres more than enough reason to go out and buy it.

I know who you are. The typical gamer with a crappy PC who doesnt own a PS3. Your just mad that your paying 10 dollars a month for a service that doesnt even offer you an MMO. Kinda sad really for a service that people say is way better than PSN when the only one thats really making an effort to improve is PSN. Well at least that is the way i see it. I mean the PS3 will get steam which means cross gamming and platform chat. Take those away from XBOXlive and people wont have any unique features to brag about. The only difference is the subscripcion to the 2.

RonXD2876d ago

Dead you're the one who doesn't make any sense.

I'd love for you to explain how i'm blindly defending this game. Lol because I told people not to stop themselves from purchasing a game they have been looking forward too because of some review scores? Haha

I can comment on any article regardless of weather or not I agree or disagree with it. I've seen you commenting on many articles you do not agree with either.

MGRogue20172876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

I think that PS+ members should be allowed to play this game for free.. no subscription fees just as long as they keep paying for ther PS+ subscription. It just seems fair.

kissmeimgreek2876d ago

True. But seeing as this is business and MMOs are insanely risky, there gonna want to maximize profits. We can dream though :)

nycredude2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

PS Plus cost you $4.16 a month and you think we they should wave a $15 a month fee for us? I think that is asking too much. Do you know how much money it cost to run an mmo like this and constantly update? Probably haven't a clue but it's popular to want stuff for free.

I want some stuff for free just like the next gamer but you have to be realistic. This is a business and no business stay open for long if it didn't make money.

Now maybe a $5 discount for PS Plus members would be more reasonable...

Are you guys a Ps Plus member?

kissmeimgreek2876d ago

I like the discount idea. Thats an interesting way to think about it.

nycredude2876d ago


I am on the fence about getting DCU ONline

Everyone I talk to love the game and is hooked but $15 is a bit much. I am normally not an mmo player. However if say they drop the game to $39 and give a $5 discount to Ps plus members I would jump in and try it out. Dying to just fly around crushing stuff!

despair2876d ago


why not get the game and play it like a normal game for the free 30 days and if you want to continue then renew for a month, or leave it be until you have the cash to get a month and continue where you left off. You will get your money's worth within that first free month.

Masterchef20072876d ago

I am on the fence as well. So what i am going to do is wait a few months before buying it. Since i had a WoW account i decided to activate it to pass the time. I have to admit that a lot has changed since i last played which was 4 years ago.

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MisterNine2876d ago

Another MMO grindfest. Just a another joyless timesink requiring a monthly fee. If you've got nothing better to do with your time, go for it.

P_Bomb2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Because nobody ever prestiges in COD, playing the same few maps over...and over...and over...and over...*breathes*...and over again for a year...just for a new symbol by your name. Nope. No online game's a grinding joyless timesink but this one. /s

Objective2876d ago

P_Bomb, anyone who has ever played an MMO and COD will doubtless and immediately appreciate that there is a world of difference in the amount and nature of grindfest involved. The kind of analogy you are trying to make is rather absurd.

hatorade2876d ago

You're on a gaming site. The whole concept/idea/point of gaming is to waste time. Gaming=time sink.

Objective2876d ago

Well if that's the case, everything in life is a time sink then.

The point of gaming is to have fun, not waste time, but MMOs have become a time-waster because they require helluva lot of time-investment to get the fun out of gaming. Take GT5 for example, I can race 1 event in minutes and get an adrenaline rush from those minutes. In those same minutes, you do mundane and unexciting things like repeatedly kill the same mobs, run about long distances, and you barely move your xp bar in an MMO.

P_Bomb2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

No. what's absurd is if someone insists that never having to repeat the same mission twice or farm XP points PERIOD is more of a timesink than prestiging in COD only to lose all of your unlocks. Yet that's a popular thing to do.

Simply playing the campaign in DCU will max you out with missions to spare and more unlocked at 30, and you keep what you've earned. No 6X exp weekends (eg. Transformers: WFC) necessary.

Why do people foam at the mouth for double XP weekends so much? Double XP cuts down on the timesink and grinding, the monotony of unlocking the AK47 for the nth time. It lets you unlock the next gun or symbol that much quicker, especially if you've done it before.

By your GT5 analogy I can clearly tell you haven't played DCU if you think you can't turn on DCU for 5 minutes and get a kick out of it. I've got about 20 unique missions in queue right now and in the next 5 minutes can choose to either fight Batman with the Joker at my side, fight and capture Hawkman and Hawkgirl simultaneously as a bounty, go pwn Dr Fate, do a co-op event at Oolong Island or VS Ultra Humanite on Gorilla Island, or even just chill and get easy XP by exploring a district of Metropolis/Gotham via Booster Gold's many informative tours.

Or maybe I'll just drop by the General hospital and help some newbies take out Bizarro who trolls there. You're not gonna win this argument, especially since GT5 still has license tests required to enter certain events. In that sense, we can probably just agree that fun is subjective.


My main concern finally is considered.Longevity.
I think a step forward but perhaps too far too soon.

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