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"When the original Crysis released back in November 2007, people had plenty of reasons to be excited about this groundbreaking new franchise. The developer, Crytek, who was known for their Far Cry series, certainly had a lot to live up to. Now with the highly anticipated release of Crysis 2, they have set the bar even higher. With a huge focus on refining their multiplayer component, Crytek has expanded on its ambitions and given the famed Nanosuit a larger role than ever before."

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PS3n3602827d ago

played the demo. Totally generic run n gun. These days if your gonna do a shooter make it different.

SuicideShaun2827d ago

Well hopefully it is different on the pc. Crysis 1 sure was.

WhiteNoise2827d ago

You played the MP only.

NO OTHER SHOOTER has bosses as big as crysis did.

The SP is going to be amazing who gives a F about MP.

I am buying Crysis 2 and Rage for the SP, I will buy brink for the MP.

Quit your crying and go play some games.

Shackdaddy8362827d ago

I actually never played Crysis 1 mp. I was way too into the SP and messing with the AI. I probably played the campaign a dozen times trying different approaches each play-through.

SJPFTW2827d ago

LOL and killzone aint generic? great visuals does not override the fact it is unoriginal and has medicore gameplay

PS3n3602826d ago

I actually agree with you. I didn't finish kz2 out of boredom

gamer20102827d ago

Nice preview. It's interesting that all of these previews from the recent press event are very positive about the graphics (the game was only showed on the 360).

"It almost goes without saying that the game, graphically, looks incredible. I never witnessed an out-of-place texture or a single hiccup in frame rate throughout my entire time with the game"