What's the Big Forgin' Deal?

Halo 3 might be the talk of the town now, but here are seven other games that should be on your radar, too.

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lonestarmt3838d ago

uhmm where is uncharted or rachet and clank?? mmmmm interesting..

360Jamaican40GigFL3838d ago

none of those games even come close to halo tho

BigFART3838d ago

As far as suckness...yeah you're right!

Honeal2g3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Everyone hates on halo but when it sells like 1,000,000 plus in the first day then eventually 8-9 million copies....where are u gonna be ?. crying ur self to sleep because 8 million people like that game and u dont understand why!..i hate people like you man ...i hate kingdom hearts ...i tried many times to get in to it but i cant ...both of them are on my ps2 harddrive ...does that mean it sux?( look at teh sales) apparently not jesus christ grow up!

BigFART3838d ago

Dude, take a pill, if not take a joke. I know H3 will be ONE of the best selling games this generation. That doesn't mean I or any other Sony "fanboy" will be crying. I've tried the Halo's and I dont think I'll be missing out on a great deal, there's too many other things to be playing/doing. "Grow up" you say? I grew up with consoles dating back from the mid 80's, can you say the same?

Evil0Angel3838d ago

"I grew up with consoles dating back from the mid 80's"
u r as old as my dad than that explain y u do not understand HALO(which was relased in 21st century)

BigFART3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Ok, that makes you about 8-10 years old maximum...(why am I even replying to you?)

eLiNeS3838d ago

Halo is to complicated for him to play, to many buttons to remember to push. He needs something a little easier that the AI or gamers online won't kick his @$$.

jay33838d ago

IF you really are as old as 30, you really need a big old dose of maturity.

Look at your name on here. 30-something who goes by the name BigFART, says stuff like LOL and says "In suckness"

Nice. I totally believe you.

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risk3838d ago

wheres UT3? haze? this list sucks.

Rooftrellen3838d ago

The list is decent, with 4 games I agree with, but two of them I could live without.

Mario Galaxy and Brawl aren't off anyone's radar, though. One of them will likely be the best game of the year (I'm leaning toward Glaxy just because it looks to be new, while Brawl will be like Melee updated).

All of the others, I could live without, though Mass Effect looks to be pretty good, as does Assassin's Creed, but neither is my type of game.

Rachet & Clank is really overlooked, and should have made the list. Zack & Wiki could have been on there, too. Endless Ocean could very well be a sleeper hit. Those are the 3 replacement nominations for me.

There are a lot of games comming out that will be great, though. Only blind Halo followers will ignore the wonderful games over the next few months. Halo may be the most hyped game, but no one should be ignoring the other (and in some cases better) games we're getting before the end of the year.

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The story is too old to be commented.