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The demo for the highly anticipated Epic Games/People Can Fly title Bulletstorm was released today, giving players the chance to run through one of the levels and get a feel for the game. With a release date set for February 22nd, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, this demo came at just the right time and should create even more buzz for Bulletstorm. Read on as I take a look at this ball-busting, blood-spewing, trick-shooting demo.

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S_C2555d ago

If im being brutally honest, i wasn't impressed at all. i mean not even the abillity jump in a game in this day and age is abit bleeehhh, this demo has made this game slip off my radar. But that is just my opinion

The real killer2555d ago

Be honest, i like this game so fun :)

teething2555d ago

I actually enjoyed the demo. I really liked the styalized graphics. The game was responsive and most of all... Fun. More shooters need to take themselves less seriously and just shoot some assholes.

It reminded me of a better looking borderlands.

Cajun Chicken2555d ago

I played the demo about 5 times. So consider me sold!

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