013 The Rogue Gamer Show Podcast When You're a Jet You're a Jet All The Way


"Look who posted a podcast on time this week? That’s right, HamsterFist produced this shit and is as humble as ever. To start the show off? A phone call from The Fists dad. Don’t worry though, it is not all shenanigans. DCUO was covered, again. Plus Blood Drive and Modern Combat. Also Bsmith talked about some books or something."

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hamsterfist2793d ago

Great, as usual. When will these guys get their due? Never. =)

ediddy9992793d ago

That opening caller is insane.

hamsterfist2793d ago

Insanely awesome! Although someone was giggling like a school girl.

donnaluke20032793d ago

Yep, the giggling was noticeable.

XMBeaner2793d ago

I thought that was a dead horse.

XMBeaner2793d ago

This is my #13 podcast. It's a must listen!

hamsterfist2793d ago

I thought you only listened to Black Ops podcasts.

donnaluke20032793d ago

XMBeaner is a notorious troll.

ediddy9992792d ago

I hate this troll. GTFO!!!