Conan Preview: Conan of War?

CVG writes: "Finally, we found ourselves on a galley besieged by the monstrous Kraken, chopping off its tentacles as the beast attempted to haul us to a watery grave while turning our crew into sludge zombies. It looked great, even if the sheer imagination of God of War's boss scraps was sadly lacking...

It's cynically, almost painfully, derivative. But what it does bring to the hack-'n'-slash table are sumptuous production values, a sweeping soundtrack and surprisingly fleshed-out (chortle) chopping action, suggesting this enjoyable romp will win the manly barbarian a fresh new legion of fans. Oh, and did we mention the gratuitous boobies yet?"

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Chriswsm3865d ago

Im sold. Count me in. Its on the list etc etc