Beginners Wine DS - Nintendo Game Courts Wine Lovers

Japanese wine lovers will get more than their usual fill of Beaujolais Nouveau in November, when a new game offering advice on wine tasting and manners debuts along with this year's Beaujolais. "Beginners Wine DS" for Nintendo Co.'s DS handheld device features step-by-step instructions on choosing a bottle for a romantic dinner or correctly swirling a glass when wine tasting. The game, developed by Tokyo's Square Enix Co., also comes with a database of 120 selected bottles, a glossary, a quiz and a guide to bluffing knowledge about wine, according to a statement released Wednesday.

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ItsDubC3897d ago

This "game" is a perfect example of why the DS sells so much. The DS software library is so diverse that there is bound to be something for everyone. Certain types of software are perfect for the versatile DS, and obviously SquEnix realizes this.