Oct. PSM Scans & Review Scores - Two 9.5s Awarded

Here are the latest PSm scans. Just received this a few minutes ago. The 9.5's went to Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles and Final Fantasy Tactics for PSP. There are also reviews for Heavenly Sword, Madden, Tiger Woods, Stuntman Ignition and Star Wars battlefront for PSP. Enjoy!

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Keyser3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

it would appear that now would be a great time to pick up the PSP slim for those long flights. This will no doubt strengthen the PSP sales figures through the holiday season.

ATLRoAcH3685d ago

PSM gave a PS3 game a 9 now I know I'm getting Skate.

xplosneer3684d ago

Played the demo on my friends 360 and it BLEW TONY HAWK OUT OF THE WATER/

crck3685d ago

Crys the DS fanboys.

Itachi3685d ago

PSM giving a 9 now the game must be worth it

akaFullMetal3684d ago

these games sound really good, cant wait to pick them up

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