[UPDATED] Dead Space 2 having issues with PS3 and Steam

The official Twitter account of Dead Space 2, @deadspace, tweeted a message today about online issues regarding the game. [UPDATED]

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Dante1122853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Nvm. My bad. Just below in the article.

"UPDATE: The Dead SpaceTwitter account announced it has fixed the problems with Steam. The following message as sent out:@deadspace:SUPPORT UPDATE: The issues with Steam and Online Pass authentication on PSN should be resolved!"

Edit: My apologies again, I don't how I missed this.

Dragun6192853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Dead Space 2 releases today.

They just updated it and the problem has been resolved on both Steam and PSN.!/deads...

edit: oh, you updated you post.

sjaakiejj2853d ago


@deadspace:SUPPORT UPDATE: The issues with Steam and Online Pass authentication on _PSN_ should be resolved!

followed by this
No word on the PlayStation 3 problems yet.

greggaliffa2853d ago

Updating errors. Thanks for pointing that out.

sjaakiejj2853d ago

No problem :)
Looking at my comment again, I may have sounded a bit crude. That wasn't intentional.

Maximus Corruptor2853d ago

I guess buying the 360 version on multiplat is the way to go because these issues on the PS3 versions of third party games are getting rediculous! Shame on EA and activision!!!!!

sjaakiejj2853d ago

There was no issue with the game... only the online codes, and it has been resolved anyway ;)

ksense2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

plus u get to play dead space extraction for free on the ps3 so yea that is a better deal

UnwanteDreamz2853d ago

Are you saying 360 never has this problem?

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2853d ago

Only reason to buy 360 is if you have no other choice, its the gimped version.

PS3 version runs and looks better comes with a free game and online.

PC version has free steam and higher rez support.

not rocket science.

palaeomerus2853d ago

The problem is the free game it comes with is crap. There's a reason almost no one bought it when it was on the Wii.

gypsygib2852d ago

Issue fixed, I'll take my free game instead (which apparently is one of Wii's best)

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ChristianGamer2853d ago ShowReplies(1)
Octo12853d ago

Whew. Just picked up the CE.

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