Only 11% of HDTV owners will buy HDDVD or BLU

Only 11 percent of High-Definition TV owners are strongly interested in buying either a Blu-ray or HD DVD player in the next six months. That's according to a new report from the NPD Group. The findings are bad news for CE companies such as Sony and Toshiba which have invested millions in developing and marketing the new players. NPD also discovered that HD DVD has a higher name recognition than its rival Blu-ray. Twenty-nine percent of high-def owners had heard of HD DVD while only 20 percent said they had heard of Blu-ray.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3931d ago

Why would you not want to take advantage of something better if you have the means?

I understand not wanting to buy an HDTV just so watch HD video. But if you already have the TV. I don't get it.

cuco333930d ago

1. Price of Software. The average consumer sees the price of SD DVD and HDM and asks himself if software cost of $5-25 more for HD is worth it for the same movie you'll watch once or twice.

2. Price of Hardware. An upconverting DVD player goes for about $100-150 meanwhile a regular DVD player can be had for $20. Then we look at the cheapest entry level HDM player = $300+ and average around the $500-600 range. That's a big investment for something that can result as a betamax player.

3. Replacing Current Library. No one's happy to replace their DVD collection for HDM, especially since neither format has 'won' yet.

4. Knowledge. Let's face it. Majority of A/V buffs get mixed up with what's lossless audio and the difference between 1080i and 1080p. Explain that to the consumer who has no clue.

5. the list can keep going...

Kholinar3930d ago

Might be a couple reasons...

1. They might not have the silly thing paid off yet.

2. They might have only bought it for form factor/size.

Why doesn't everyone only watch the imax versions of movies?

stonedog3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

HDMI input requirements mean that many people with HDTV more than two years old can not have the HD content on their expensive HDTVs from either format HD player b/c their HDTV doen not have HDMI and the respective players will not output HD over the composite connection. This is also true of most upscaling DVD players as well. So for many early adopters of HDTV niether of the new formats makes any sense unless they are willing to purchase another expensive HDTV along with the expensive player. For those with the older HDTV the option appears to be to wait until the 360 drops the price of the core system and HD-DVD add on to make it sufficiently affordable b/c the 360 will output HD over component. However if you do not play games it is an expensive option.

And the moral of the story ladies and gents is to waite until the dust settles and there is a clear winner. Remember always that the electronics companies have no objection to screwing you over at the drop of a hat!!! Cynical but so true!!!

Close_Second3930d ago

Look at what gets classed as being HD. 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Then you have to consider that most HD sets don't even offer true 1080i or 1080p resolutions.

In my opinion, unless you have an HDTV thats true 1080p and is 42" or larger then you're wasting your time with Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. Sure, there is an improvement on lesser spec HDTV but not one to warrant buying into HD-DVD or Blu-Ray.

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Dorfdad3931d ago

but 50% of those will buy a PS3 so game over for HD-DVD...


ArduousAndy3930d ago

you guys argue about HD and Blu-ray yet fail to see the real threat.

How about zombies in peru

It begins.

Rageaholic3930d ago

but, bare in mind it took a full 8 years for it the mature into mainstream.

Silvia0073930d ago

Because of MS's mistake of not including HDMI in the original 360. Why the heck did you think I bought the PS3 for? Games? HAHAHA yeah right! Atleast till an actual game comes out for it. It's one hell of a blue ray player that's for sure. Would of gone HD-DVD but 360 didn't have HDMI awww... to bad MS and Toshiba. This is "MY OPINION" by the way, no means is it the way it's going to be, would be nice, but still just my opinion.

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