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Submitted by TheGrimBunny 1838d ago | news

Six Days In Fallujah is in Production and Standing Strong

"......Singleplayer will also not just be a solo journey as the game will have co-op in it. The amount of players in co-op in currently unconfirmed. The Atomic Games team were very hesitant to speak about ‘Six Days in Fallujah’ at all but after having a lot of fun playing with them....." (Breach, PC, PS3, Six Days in Fallujah, Xbox 360)

TheGrimBunny  +   1838d ago
Co-op in Six Days baby!!!!
ATiElite  +   1838d ago
Ah Man Konami had GOLD right there in their hands. 6 Days, the first time i saw it I got the same feeling when I first saw Scarface. The game was Raw, violent, and very well made. A true Hardcore game full of intense realism.

Now they have butchered it. Maybe after it's done it will get back to where Konami had it IDK but man 6 days was gonna be sick....well until stupid publicity got out.
bronxsta  +   1838d ago
i'm happy the game is still being made as well and i think coop might be a good addition as long as it isn't shoehorned into the campaign.

After all, being a soldier means working as a team.
Karooo  +   1838d ago
woah coop?
jay2  +   1838d ago
So wait hold on, whos publishing it now?
TheGrimBunny  +   1838d ago
no one knows yet...
AKA  +   1838d ago
i may have got it in 2010,
but SOCOM 4 will impress more and be a much better game, well i will keep my eyes on it.
AKA   1837d ago | Off topic | show
DenyTheFacts   1838d ago | Offensive
SpitFireAce85  +   1838d ago
Glad to hear that Six Days In Fallujah is still
being developed..Can't wait to see a trailer or
Raggi01  +   1838d ago
Wont be purchasing this game at all.
This game is pretty much based on the mass killing of civilians.
I had 10 relatives die in Fallujah as well I was born there.
Hope this game fails.
Pandamobile  +   1838d ago
Cool story bro
Raggi01  +   1837d ago
Hey, I was just stating my opinion.
That's what commenting is about, am I right?
TheGrimBunny  +   1837d ago
I am truly sorry for your loss, my friend, but shouldn't people know about this, and feel the pain you are.. just like they make movies about true stories. Atomic Games has set out to bring people into the experience of this atrocity so they can understand people like you. Give them a chance, they are not doing this for money, or to boost their reputation which is why they have not changed the story just to have it published. Read these words with and open mind. please.
zero_cool  +   1837d ago
Raggi01 grow up & stop acting like a child & that goes for anybody else that makes childish comments like his!
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tunaks1  +   1836d ago
really Raggi01 sounds childish? Everything after his comment so far has been childish. There is a world beyond xbox live, and while its hard to believe the death of people outside of america means something. Stop all acting like douchebags.
Redempteur  +   1838d ago
it's been what 3 years ? i hope they'll succeed in releasing it Before every expense of the project is burned out
tunaks1  +   1838d ago
yay more military shooters -_-
Swiftfox  +   1837d ago
I have to say, I feel that is a very close minded attitude towards the game.

This game was not only supposed to be a shooter. It was supposed to be a shooter based on recent world events. To give people an insight to the horror of those 6 days and what those solders went throught.

I'm glad the game is still in motion and hope they find a publisher that has the balls to stand by and defend the product. As well as I hope they didn't alter their origanal intent to please those that will never be pleased.

However, that being said I think that the game community isn't ready for 6 days in Fallujah. The community is still so immature on such things, and it was obviouse the industry wasn't ready to defend this experience.

I hope there were no comprimises and that the game will be released in the manner that it was intended to be released when they started to catch flack. Good luck to that team and their publisher to be.
tunaks1  +   1837d ago
"To give people an insight to the horror of those 6 days"

yes im sure thats what 5 percent of people will think, every one else is going to be focused on lighting the enemy up.

VG are not suited to ONLY provide thought provoking and emotional for serious topics, because games also have to be fun.

How authentic can Six Days In Fallujah be if it is fun, i doubt the real event was so fun...
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Swiftfox  +   1837d ago

Why do games have to be fun? What obligates this medium to envoke a sense of joy?

That is a one-dimentional view of what this medium is.

Movies were a luxory of entertainment too, yet I don't see people saying that they should be more light hearted. That movies should be there only to tell silly stories and make us laugh.

There were writers, directors, and visionary producers that pushed the medium of movies in the stories they could tell and how they would speak to the audiance.

Why can't video games have this same possition? We're not there yet in mindset or community, but with the right minds this medium can go much farther than "games are supposed to be fun." Not all games have to be serious in delevory, but once in awhile I'd like to see more from them. This medium can do so much if allowed.
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tunaks1  +   1836d ago
so your going to buy a game that isnt FUN.
Game, thats not fun.

"Movies were a luxory of entertainment too, yet I don't see people saying that they should be more light hearted."

Thats a 1 dimensional view of what make something fun.

People should stop trying to push the medium in the wrong direction, you say the medium can do more? Then they should stop trying emulate film.
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zero_cool  +   1836d ago
Im glade this game is coming to educate people about a piece of the truth about the biggest modern war in history through the eyes of a solider.

confessions of an american soldier about iraq:

Disturbing Iraq Video Leaks:

US troops kill 5 Iraqi Civilians:
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