Sony's Plan To Cut PS3 Costs

By letting Toshiba make the game's console's chip, Sony can focus on core operations - and boosting PlayStation sales. More after the jump.

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ShiftyLookingCow3869d ago

if this does happen, the irony can't be missed. Toshiba is behind HD-DVD and PS3's is the main reason Blu-Ray is winning.

nasim3869d ago

BD is beating HD DVD 3:1 in NA and 9:1 in EU and JAPAN

just forget about the format war which is won by BD already.

the PP of a ps3 is already below 500$ at the moment and the diode cost SONY just 8$ to make. So definitely SONY could go for another price cut /introduce a new cheaper model

MalcomGrasley3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

LOL, you don't even know that Cell was co-developed by:

1) Sony
2) IBM
3) Toshiba

And that Toshiba is in the process of using Cell chips in a huge number of their media hardware devices.

Sony is already getting their 90nm Cell chips from IBM's Fishkill plant. Which of the three companies is doing the actual manufacturing at various process sizes 90nm,65nm,etc is nothing more than a reflection of each company's current manufacturing abilities and capacities.

Non-story that seems to continue to make the rounds due to nothing more than gaming sites being utterly ignorant of anything having to do with console technology and manufacturing.

cmrbe3869d ago

Just a friendly advice from a fellow PS fan. Just try to be a little bit more objective and less defensive. We all know PS3 will susceed against X360 so don't worry about what X360 fans say. Anyone with common sense knows that PS3 will win.

Yes it is funny that Toshiba is indirectly helping Sony with the format war since Studio support and PS3 are the main reasons why Blu is winning the format war.

ShiftyLookingCow3869d ago

I do know it was developed by those three companies, but I didn't know Toshiba is directly behind producing PS3's Cell processors. Developing a part and producing them for use are two different things.

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Lord Anubis3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

in other words Toshiba will help Sony beat HD-DVD. :|

selling the fab is a duble edge sword not only because Toshiba has products based on cell, ready ti roll out but also the quality assurance of the chips would no longer be in Sony's domains and sony would need to find other suppliers to get more chips for their Cell based tvs (IPTVS).

goodganja3869d ago

Sony cutting costs on PS3 is something Nintendo and Microsoft should beware. Cause if the PLAYSTATION 3 matches 360 price for price, only fanboys would buy the 360 because they have THAT much faith in their defective console.

MalcomGrasley3869d ago

"Sony cutting costs on PS3 is something Nintendo and Microsoft should beware. "

That's like saying "Sony cutting releasing more games on the PS3 is something Nintendo and Microsoft should beware. "

Cutting manufacturing costs is the single driving goal of everyone who is in the console business. Sony has already dropped the manufacturing costs dramatically for the PS3 just like they did with the PS2. The PS3 is on track to hit break even at the one year mark just like they PS2 did. It was designed to do so. The major cost savings is the gigantic drop in price for BluRay laser diodes that were around 90 bucks last year and now are down to 10 bucks or so, also the removal of the EE half of the EE/GS PS2 hardware is another cost savings.

Future cost savings for Sony will be the move to a completely 65nm system - some parts are already 65nm.

Sony is a technological and manufacturing beast. It is why they are raking in the profits eight years into the PS2's life and not having to have pulled the system from the shelves four years into its life like the idiots from Microsoft had to with the Xbox.

Seven years from now the PS3 will be incredibly cheap to manufacture, completely reliable, and have a gigantic library of games just like the PS2 and PS1 have.

sectionz3869d ago

was this not debunked by sony yesterday? please let there be a back door deal to kill HD-DVD if so!

Iceman100x3869d ago

What happened to whatever the cost and they will buy it lol, but now the price is going to be lowered a 4th time in less than a year? Sony is nothing without companies behind them, and it will never be like the psx days because that will be their only successful age.......Nintendo has already taken over @1 again.

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