GamerNode | Big sales and new demos on PSN and Xbox Live

Both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live services are offering big discounts on a number of downloads this week, and Xbox Live is offering access to demos for both Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm starting today.

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Murpho2879d ago

Bulletstorm is looking to be a lot of fun. May pick this demo up.

MGRogue20172879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Bulletstorm demo was rubbish.

Crysis 2 demo was alright.. could have been better.

Vherostar2879d ago

MS should stop wasting there money on exclusive demos and Kinect and bother with real exclusives instead.

NoobJobz2879d ago

Crysis is done downloading and Bulletstorm is currently being downloaded. So far, I think Crysis is just alright. From playing the demo its definitely not a must buy but its not bad either. Just kinda "meh". Im hoping the Bulletstorm demo is a little better.

Paradise Lost2879d ago

Im eager to try out Crysis when i get home.

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