Message from a Dead Nation

Housemarque’s CEO Ilari Kuittinen tells how Dead Nation was conceived, the advantage of implementing a meta-game and why Super Stardust HD is running at twice the original frame rate when played in 3D.

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The Hunter2795d ago

Any news on the Voice-Chat patch??

AntoineDcoolette2795d ago

Yeah, the lack of voice chat totally killed the enjoyment of playing this with my friend.

Forbidden_Darkness2795d ago

If i remember correctly, that was to be included in their first patch they release for the game..

aaronobst2795d ago

On the upside it had local multiplayer, something games developers must think is illegal nowadays

DA_SHREDDER2795d ago

im not playing it till it comes

Reborn2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I paid for it, but waiting for the voice patch.

TardcoreGamer2795d ago

Can't wait for the DLC! Hoping they include some kind of closed area style mini game. Still trying in vain to beat this game on morbid difficulty. One of the best in the dual-stick genre for sure.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2795d ago

I got stuck on the 4th lvl and gave up on Morbid lol.

insomnium22795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I played morbid as co-op. The enemies are much tougher in co-op but I still think it is slightly easier on co-op. There are times when you seriously need to plan out how to get through some of the later levels. Great experience and a GREAT effin game! Those blade handed big guys are a bitch on morbid. One single slice and it's game over.

Voice patch would be good. No need for me personally but that was clearly lacking in co-op.

TardcoreGamer2795d ago

Same here!'s what you gotta do bro. start over from the beginning. You gotta stagegise more this time..DO NOT buy the SMG or SHOTGUN! not at all. Max out grenades, flairs, mines, tnt and your rifle first. flamethrower is great. so is the blade cannon which you'll need for the very last push-through on the final level. using a flair/blade-cannon combo is great as is a flair/shocker combo. It's better to take your time; using power shots going thru, but sometimes its ok to race thru the harder levels towards the end. I hope this helps. have fun

insomnium22795d ago

€xactly tard!

You absolutely MUST NOT buy the SMG and you MUST buy all the upgrades (quantity atleast) for anything you can distract the zombies with.

I personally bought the shotgun since it's so great against the jumpers. You should try to buy different weapons with your partner and concentrate your upgrades in one place instead of buying everything and not having money to upgrade them.

Flamethrower is good but there is no need to upgrade it for a long time. Once you ignite a zombie the fire will spread among all the zombies that are next to each other. The flames will stun them and give you time to shoot them with the rifle to conserve ammo.

Don't waste your blade cannon on the bigger enemies! Use it only on big piles of enemies (it's good to use the flare to get a nice bunch with one blade).

Also you should go all out with using your weapons. Don't spare the blade cannon in vain but use it. Same with the rocket launcher. You can always buy ammo at weapon shops so all you do is make things more difficult for yourself if you don't use them :)


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