The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim details

Check out the latest Skyrim details from Dutch Power Unlimited. Todd Howard on Kinect support, graphics improvements, and more.

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-Mezzo-2881d ago

Cool, some great details there & i hope it doesn't get the Motion Control supports.

norman292881d ago

- Game is as big as Oblivion < as big but not bigger? :( shame

2881d ago
booni32881d ago


I fail to see how that is a shame. Morrowind was bigger than Oblivion but did this in anyway make Oblivion a bad game? No it did not. Skyrim will still rock, get over it.

FinalSpartan2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

I already know probably going to spend 100+ hours of my life into this game lol

oh that 3DS video on the side, made me want one now lol watch the video its awesome haha

DanSolo2881d ago

lol Why do you care if it gets motion control support or not?

They won't make the normal controls any worse, or change them in any way... it just means that people who want to play with motion controls have that option!

More options are good as long as they don't compromise the standard...

offwhiteazn2877d ago

i'm gonna stop following this game in fear that being saturated with this kind of hype-designed information is going to kill the experience for me. i need to stop.

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Gamer_Z2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

haha you know what im talking about ^_^

Neko_Mega2881d ago

No Kinect support lol, wow does that mean their is Move support??

Don't know or really care, I just want the game NOW!!! An with less glitches to.

Gamer_Z2881d ago

I loved the Dark Brotherhood Quests, they were one of my favorite Guilds in Oblivion :)

techrave2881d ago

I'm playing oblivion in anticipation!!!

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