Michael Pachter squaring off against Gamers Voice

SFG writes: Gamers’ Voice responds to Pachters “crybabies” comment over reporting Activision for Call of Duty bugs.

It has come to our attention that industry analyst; Michael Pachter has passed comment on Gamers’ Voice’s campaign against Activision over the poor performance of Call of Duty: Black Ops for the PS3 and PC at

His comments are inaccurate and insulting to computer and video game consumers with his reaction describing Gamers’ Voice as little more than ‘cry babies’.

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hazelamy2878d ago

who's surprised that's something fuckbag pachter would say.

the guy's a total arsehole, he seems to think that publishers not only have the right but also a duty to screw over their customers, he probably thinks we should be thankful they even let us give them our money.

i for one am sick of pachter and his bullshit analysis, which always seems to come to the conclusion that publisher deserve more and more of our money.

fuck off pachter

skywalkeruk2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Disgraceful comments from Patchter, it's us as gamers who figure out the bugs in the game and have the decency to report them to the developers who on this occasion with CODBO have just done very little to sort it out, I mean the new 1.06 patch just released says no live xbox chat on the PS3, if that's not a kick in the teeth I don't know what is. PS3 gamers have been completely screwed over on this game and I think we should be given the First Strike for free as a gesture of good will.