TGS07: Gameplay of Uncharted

Gamersyde reports: Let's continue with a nice Uncharted video where we can observe some nicer gunfights in beautiful indoors. Looks much better than what we saw at Los Angeles or Leipzig. Really promising.

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Violater3924d ago

That drop kick is classic.
The PS3 exclusives look better and better.

nasim3924d ago

the best looking game till date on any platform

HS makes all x360 games look like wii games

UNCHARTED makes HS look like a wii game




Cartesian3D3924d ago

not just cuz of technology... may be UT3 engine has more visual techs ( I dont think so ) .. but the most important part is DESIGN ...

in term of design its sth like crysis.. and it has AMAZING lighting,smooth shadows,water reflection and refractions, water physics, BEST Tree modeling on consoles, one of the BEST character models..

and COMPLEX MOVIELIKE ANMIATIONS ... its look like a Movie.. cant wait ..GOD I LOVE THIS GAME..

kingboy3924d ago

It`s got the ingredients for a classic action adventure game ..

QuackPot3924d ago

Just imagine what Uncharted 2 will be like as well as HS 2, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2......and even Killzone 3 in 4-5 years.


Lightning Mr Bubbles3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

It looks AAA. It could be a great game that some of us PS3 owners will enjoy or it could be the sleeper hit of the year. Just not sure

xaphanze3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

I'm a little too worried the critics will bash it because of it being a 10 hour game. I mean WTF?Many and I say many action/adventure games with only single player that were AAA titles were about 10 hours long. Get real people.
They look for an excuse to bash the game.

the game looks too easy though how come? I hope they are playing on easy mode.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3924d ago

Man, it should atleast be 15. I can see that becoming a problem for Sony, especially after Heavenly Sword. Sony might need to beef up it's games. Great games seem a little whimpy because they don't have much value.

wil4hire3924d ago

so HARSH on the fact that its a short game.

COmments would always be made "Although a short game, this game is great."

I am sure there are tons of single player PC/360/Wii games that are 6-10 hours...

But then I forget, its just bashing the ps3. At first they bashed the capabilities, now that those are clear... now they are bashing the time, so after the time argument goes away with MGS4/Gran Turismo/Little big world etc, what will they bash then?

Keyser3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

It will lose 1 point for not being online.

It will lose 1 point for not having multiplayer.

It will lose 1 point for the box art.

It will lose 1 point for not being on the 360.

Lightning Mr Bubbles3924d ago

But for the Box art? Come on. I don't think it will lose a point for that. Unless you're counting the PS3 label on the side.

Keyser3924d ago

They take off points for any reason under the sun.

This appears to be a very good game and hopefully the gameplay is as good as the visuals. The story seems interesting enough so hopefully it draws you in. After Heavenly Sword and how captivating it's story is, it would appear that Sony is using some of that movie know-how into it's games. That's a good idea.

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Takumi863924d ago


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