LittleBigPlanet - TGS 07 Developer Walkthrough Pt. 1 get an in-depth look at the physics system and learn about the importance of cooperation.

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Cartesian3D3509d ago

I want to see my own level in BD version in 2008 .. who wants the same ? :)

cant wait to Download the PSN version and make some awesome levels .. ^_^

Captain Tuttle3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

Not my cup of tea though.

When's the release date?

doublertist3508d ago

PLAY BEYOND!!! create, share, play!!! everyone who has a ps3 should get this game to enjoy the sheer imagination and the greatness of the physics engine, the possibilities are endless

madness3508d ago

"special cheating button"

uxo223508d ago

Such an incredibly cool looking game. This one is a def buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.