Final Fantasy Union - Episode 47

Gaming Union/Final Fantasy Union just released their newest episode of FF Union. Here is how they describe the episode:

"Final Fantasy Union is back and ready to rock out the new year FF style. This week, Darryl, David, Colin, and Lauren gather together and give out the NUMEROUS news pieces including FFXIII Versus, FFXIII Agito being renamed Type-0, Dissidia additions, and much more. The crew then gives their opinion on what they feel defines a Final Fantasy game as a true FF game; is it the music, the gameplay, the characters, the story, or is it something more? With music from the legendary zircon rounding out the show, FFU kicks it off hard for 2011!"

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Sanrin2878d ago

Should be interesting as there was a load of FF news this past week, though very little of it am I really excited for.

Selyah2878d ago

There has been indeed a lot of new info lately