150° Tri-Ace's Infinite Undiscovery Detailed

The recent Microsoft's pre-TGS conference finally showed the first trailer to Infinite Undiscovery, Tri-Ace's upcoming RPG for the Xbox360. In the latest issue of Japanese publication Famitsu, further details were revealed on the title. The main antagonist Capel is known to many as the "Capel, the flute player and healer". The young man's appearance is similar to the legendary hero Sigmunt, and he is mistakenly arrested and jailed by the Sealed Army. The game's heroine is Aya, a member of the Resistance Army, who attempts to rescue Capel without the knowledge that he is not actually the legendary hero.

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goodganja3928d ago

This is nothing but a Heavenly Sword knockoff. This game will suck anyway.

razer3928d ago

Don't worry you can still watch a Blu-ray movie fanboy!

@#2 - People complain because MS doesn't have any RPG's or games that appeal to Japansese and then when they do people like you still find something to slack them for...

WTF are they supposed to do then?? Just give up!?

People are way to critical of MS and the 360. It's a shame since it's an excellent game machine.

Vertius3928d ago

Both of you are doing nothing to improve anyone's opinion of either camp. Textbook definition of a fanboy conflict...

XxZxX3928d ago

exclusive for XBOX 360?? RPG?? ooh my goodness. this game is doom before it began.

Goshyujin_Sama3928d ago

Blue Dragon should be a warning to all RPG devs., RPG's just dont sale well on 360....theis game will be doomed, although it looks like a good game, it wont sale anything on 360...

ThaGeNeCySt3928d ago

ehh... exclusive FOR NOW... but if sales don't pick up for this title... it'll definately be ported to PS3

Hugh Hefner3928d ago

Oblivion and Mass Effect disagree with you. The reason Blue Dragon didn't sell well is because it sucked. Good RPGs will sell on the 360.

Goshyujin_Sama3928d ago

ummm oblivion and mass effect are not JRPG's where as this is. Im talking about real hardcore rpg's, ie VP, FF, Arc the lad, White night, Star ocean, ect....oblivion is basically an fps with a lvl up suytem, and mass effect is basically a third perso shooter with a lvling your hw plzzz...this game wont do good on 360....its has a storyline for one....and not that much blood and it wone do well on 360 haha

XxZxX3928d ago

Hugh, the only thing Oblivion and Mass effect will sell well in XBOX 360 because they are FPS too.

power of Green 3928d ago

But you should leave your post #2.5 makes me feel foolish just reading it and I didn't type it.

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goodganja3928d ago

Here goes some acronyms for people to remember


Lordimus3928d ago

As an avid rpg fan, especially TRI ACE games! I must get this game. Blue Dragons only fault was that it wasn't promoted. I didn't see any comercials for it on TV (which I feel is essential nowadays) to help people see that there is more then mature FPS's on the 360. I really think MS should double or Triple its efferts in the marketing dept. Blue Dragon is an incredible game which only gets better as you progress. It should not be overlooked.

sajj3163928d ago

this title will go into Infinite mediocrity in sales in Japan for the 360. It will do much better here in the states. It will do about as well as Blue Dragon ... but then again, is the Xbox 360 audience a JRPG audience. I don't think it is.

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The story is too old to be commented.