Interview w/ GM of Abhorrent Taboo, the Banned Warcraft ERP guild

Those of you familiar with World of Warcraft have probably recently heard the news of Abhorrent Taboo, the furry erotic roleplaying guild that Blizzard banned for getting a little to overzealous with their emotes in public areas on the Ravenholdt Horde and Blackwing Lair Alliance servers.

Daily Gaming managed to catch up with Lilith, guildmaster of Abhorrent Taboo, for an exclusive interview that you'll only get at DGN. He/she sat down with DGN to talk about the ban hammer, her guild's activities, the recent bad publicity, and what makes a person fall in love with a pixelated representation of a magical bear or cat.

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Twizlex3929d ago

The interviewer in this article sounds like a fascist, religious nut-job.