TGS07: Uncharted hands-on

An updated build of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was on display at Sony's pre-TGS media briefing. The new demo comes a long way from its previous E3 presentation, which featured some serious technical glitches, and control issues. Almost immediately, players will see that the aiming has been far improved, feeling far more accurate and responsive than before. Thankfully, players will be able to fine-tune their control settings through adjustable control sensitivity, and invert options for horizontal and vertical controls.

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THE_JUDGE3716d ago

of must have games but why does the hands on preview compare some of it to GoW? Thats a fps not an action game! Its like comparing Pac man to MGS 3 because they both eat thing in the game. I just don't get it.

RadientFlux3716d ago

Actually a lot of people don't consider GoW to be FPS because of its 3rd person perspective.

Besides having Uncharted being compared to GoW isn't a bad thing considering the high reviews and praise GoW received

cr33ping_death3716d ago

thats what i said it " looks like gears with tomb raider" and i lose a bubble........fanboys dont want a PS3 game comapared to their precious game. even though i have GEARS......whos to say i cant compare?

crck3716d ago

Especially this comment "the action lacks the visceral punch of Gears". Gears is a blood and gore war shooter. Uncharted is an adventure game probably trying to get a Teen rating. Two very different games.

nasim3716d ago

with ps3 exclusives like HS and UNCHARTED

HS and UNCHARTED are totally on a diiferent domain.

GEARS is just a massively downgraded UT3. understandable since x360 is a very low powered console.

DONT ever compare wii like x360's cartoon HALO 3 and GEARS with PS3 exclusives.

compare ps3 exclusives with Crysis. That is nice

barom3716d ago

rofl nasim u make me crack up everytime.

anyway I'm guessing people usually compare Gears to Uncharted because of the cover system. And that it's in third person. And tbh it does look very similiar (the cover system) which I think it's good.

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Vojkan3716d ago

Isit just me or graphics look better now than during E3? Just checked that trailer that is few articles below this one and damn it look good.

crck3716d ago

The textures, shadowing and lighting seem to have all improved.

fenderputty3716d ago

When the gun fighting goes on it looks similar to gears. A gears comparison isn't a bad thing either. That game looks great. This game looks AMAZING. If they nail the gunplay then this game is AAA for sure.

hotshot12373716d ago

resistance, motorstorm, warhawk, virtua fighter, even though its coming to 360 with online play, we still have it to play, warhawk, and the great but TOO SHORT HEAVENLY SWORD. not bad for first year titles. rachet and clank, folklore, unreal tournamnent, and UNCHARTED ARE THE MAIN ONES IM LOOKING FOWARD TO NEXT. UNCHARTED IS AT NUMBER 1 FOR ME THOUGH. idk why people say ps3 has no games when they have soooo many in there first year. but why do people this gen compare a game to so many other ones. just rate the game as a seperate indivisual title. although i liked gears, please dont say it should have certain things gears of war did

solidt123716d ago

I need to see more of this game but I know i am getting it.

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