MS confirms to Pro-G that consumers will not be banned for playing Halo 3 before official release.

Earlier today, a Microsoft rep told Pro-G that gamers who played Halo 3 early would have their LIVE accounts banned. The rep also confirmed that Microsoft was able to ban accounts based on information collected by the console which showed when the game was played.

However, Pro-G has since been contacted by another MS rep, who said the ban only applies to Microsoft employees.

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Hayabusa 1173871d ago

Good ole' Micro! Knew you wouldn't let us down. Love you guys! (J/K)

Now I can play my early copy on my own gamertag! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Feihc Retsam3871d ago

If these employees were given copies of Halo 3 because they were employees, I don't see how they deserved to be banned.

If they WEREN'T given a copy of the game early and allowed to play it, I have to think that there is probably some contractual agreement that every employee signs (as many of us in the IT industry can attest to) that forbids you from removing intellectual property of your employer without permission. Violations of these contracts is usually met with unemployment, not just a ban from some recreational service.

I'm surprised people aren't getting fired. If they can ban someone because they are en employee, they obviously know who the person is, and you would think they would want to make an example out of these people by giving them the boot.

I'm not wishing this upon anyone, but it seems like a very weak punishment.

YoMeViet3871d ago

What's the point of banning your OWN employees?

Bill Gates3871d ago

Of coarse they're not going to ban anyone. The Xbox division NEEDS the money. They can't afford to kick anymore people off Live. Investors want to see the money, and the Xbox division is just NOT SHOWING IT, and NEVER WILL!!...AAHHAHAAHHAHAHA

An entire week before the release of Hello Kittie 3, and already this. If this gets too out of control M$ will only be selling the preorders and not much more....AAHAAHHAHHAHHAHAHHHAHH AHA

Lets go Pirates, "Finish the fight".....AAHHHHAHAHHAHA

sticky doja3871d ago

You must be saying how great Halo 3 is gonna be and how cool it is that you and Microsoft aren't gonna punish anyone for someone selling them the game early.

Cat3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

so, Big Brother may be watching, but he's not shutting down our Live accounts.

"Pro-G has since been contacted by another MS rep" who had to kill and eat the still beating heart out of the original rep in order to take his place.

FullyLoaded4203871d ago

I just seen the news and they showed Alex Smith ( NFL QB for the 49ers ) playing the damn game with his teammates. DAMN HIM!!


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The story is too old to be commented.