Gamestop Execs Talk PS3, Wii, and Xbox360 Holiday Season

Gamestop VP Bob McKenzie has been commenting in detail on the retailer's impressions of the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii going into this holiday season. More after the jump.

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Dudeson423927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

Seriously, all of those game stores are hurting the industry more than helping it. I don't care what anyone says. You walk in with 15 Xbox 360 games, they give you 20 bucks in credit for the whole lot, they take the games, put them back on the shelf for 30 bucks a pop. Pure profit for them, none of that money goes back to the developer for it and YOU'RE the one getting ripped off. I've given them so many f*cking chances with pre-orders that it's insane. Out of probably 15 pre-order attempts, maybe 5 have gone smoothly. In most cases they didn't order enough copies, the game isnt there on time or they just plain "lost the pre-order". You want to help the industry? Buy games from Wal*Mart. I dont care how much you dislike walmart, the $ still ends up finding the people who created it, which is the main point in buying games, to support the publisher to continue to create great games. If you want a game and you're planning on buying it Used from Gamestop/Gamespot/EBgames/etc. just go burn a copy or steal it if you're not planning on supporting the game's creators anyway. Piracy is better than buying used games from stores like this. You want to sell your old games? Ever heard of eBay? Yeah, it takes about 5 minutes to set up an account put all your games up for sale. You get the $ that the game is worth, not $2 or $3 or whatever the f*ck gamestop is peddling these days. Screw them, buy new, hunt hard to finds on eBay, support the industry in the end. Peace

Let me tell you all a little story that caused me to vow NEVER to purchase a single thing from gamestop in the future. I wanted to buy Lost Planet for 360. I was at the mall, decided I'd check gamestop to see if they had any NEW copies in since walmart was abouta 20 minute drive from where I was. I walked in, found a NEW copy of Lost Planet on the shelf, picked it up and brought it to the counter. The jerk-off behind the counter tries to get me to sign up for 38 magazines as usual and I say "no, no no no, no and no" and he says OK. Goes in the back, brings out a copy of Lost Planet in a generic Gamestop case with no artwork on the front and no instruction booklet. I stare slackjawed in awe as he rings it up at 59.99. I said "I'm not buying that, I'm buying a NEW copy of lost planet" and he says "Well this is just as good, you don't ACTUALLY care about the artwork on the case and the manual do you?" and I thought about that for a moment, and then I said "Now, let me ask you something, when I come in with this game in two weeks to trade it back in, will you take it without the artwork and manual for the same price as if it were complete?" and he says "well of course not" so I said "So you're going to sell me this incomplete piece of SH*T (that got the attention of some other customers too, btw) for the same price as a NEW game, and not give me the same courtesy when I return it?" and he says "Well, thats a store policy" I literally threw the game at him, it hits him in the chest, and I said "You can keep this piece of sh*t and I hope some other SUCKER in the store is stupid enough to buy it." and I walked out. roughly 10 or so other folks in the store at the time who were listening followed me and proceeded to tell the entire food court at the mall all about the story. Within 10 minutes there were random kids throwing thier empty soda bottles into the front entrance of the store and running away. Mind you, I wasn't attempting to start a riot or anything, but it was nice to see..... =) F*CK GAMESTOP!

chacokiss3927d ago

The only reson why I was supporting GameStop was because I own their stocks. I sold it and went with Nintendo stocks. I buy my games from walmart or best buy if I need it now. If not I buy them off of ebay.

Tsalagi3927d ago

If you really want to help the devs buy the game directly from them. A lot of developers like Ubisoft sale their games on their own website. All of the profits go directly to them then and sometimes they'll throw in special offers and extras for ordering directly from them.

bluebrad19743927d ago

I can't believe a game store would try to pull a stunt like that. Sounds like you handled it the way it the way it should have been handled though. I probably would have followed up with a call to the BBB.

Munky3927d ago

The McKenzie brothers are hilarious!! To bad my habs lost yesterday tho ;)

steviebomb3927d ago

So GameStop is making plans for the holidays? Here's one for them. As a New Year's resolution, why don't they swear off sucking balls?