Dragon Age 2 gets 18 BBFC rating

"Contains strong bloody violence", but no cuts made

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Kran2705d ago

No surprises there :P

WildArmed2705d ago

yeah :D
I can't wait to get muh hands on this.
I guess one of the most interesting things is that the character is called Hawke.
in the english(fan translation) of Seiken Densetsu 3, my fav. character (the thief) was named Hawke....
Soo.. it's obvious that Hawke is going to badass in DA2 too :D lol

2705d ago
Deathstroke2705d ago

Hopefully Bioware gets around to making a sequel to Dragon Age: Origins instead of a medieval Mass Effect clone.

outwar60102705d ago

i get sooo fucking happy when i hear NO CUTS :)

Firstkn1ghT2705d ago

Can't wait to wield my sword. Love this franchise.