World in Conflict: Games Radar Review - 9/10

Massive Entertainment have really outdone themselves here with the content and variety, as the campaign never feels dull or repetitive. Levels are generally huge, sprawling affairs in which objectives commonly involve taking and then holding an area (similar to the Carentan mission in Company of Heroes), but also include defending bridges, taking out helicopter bases, searching buildings for personnel and blowing up power stations.

World in Conflict also provides the finest and most inventive RTS multiplayer experience around, Massive have also added 14 levels of cinematic, action-packed mayhem, complete with a slightly silly premise made believable through some well-drawn characters and intimate cut-scenes, and wrapped the whole lot in the lushest and most drool-worthy RTS engine Games Radar have ever seen. It's a stunning achievement and one that puts it firmly at the head of RTS titles for the year.

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