Geohot or Not? The Top 5 Easiest Gaming Hacks Ever

NowGamer: So, this Geohot guy has hacked the PS3 and finds himself a minor celebrity in the world of games. For now. I guess what he’s done is pretty impressive on a technical level, but personally the whole situation fills me with nostalgia for a time when anyone could be a hacker. A time between about 1982 and 2000, when it was really easy to ‘back up’ your games, which might prove vital should the part of your house in which your original copies are kept burn down, while the part where your back ups are kept does not. Anyway, here’s some nostalgia for people who ‘back up’ their games…

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SnakeMustDie2853d ago

GeoHot didn't hack the PS3; FailOver did. He just took all the credit and attention to himself.

Rage_S902853d ago

exactly this guy is just a poser failoever did the real work

Acquiescence2853d ago

when Sony file a lawsuit against him. The creep.

xino2852d ago

failoverflow did not hack the ps3!
they just got into the system and bypass some securities in which allowed Geohot to hack the ps3.

i think it was the mtrdt key shit is what failoverflow did, while Geohot used it to hack the ps3.

if failoverflow hacked the ps3, why didn't they release the hack online?

just another hater!
hater's gonna hate

-Ninja Gaiden 3-is sick!:)

heroicjanitor2852d ago

Fail0verflow didn't want to release the key, they just wanted to release tools I think. It didn't accomplish anything to release the key apparently.

morkendo232852d ago

wonder why FAILOVER team did not step up to take credit??? thats like baking a cake (doing all the work) and someone else claiming they cook it.

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andron2853d ago

What does Geohot have to do with gaming anyway? Nothing...

HarryPS32853d ago

Another post about that *censored*, even with a photo, awesome!

Acquiescence2853d ago

to punch this dweeb in the face? I know I do! ^_^

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