Pirate groups leak Halo 3 onto the web just days before official release date

Considering the fact that the Halo 3 street date being broken on multiple times, it was only a matter of time before internet pirate release groups leaked the game onto the internet. have been sent an NFO file for the leaked Halo 3 which was released by well known hacking group 'Paradogs'. The size of the game is 72x100MB.

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RadientFlux3931d ago

not surprising... as I stated before hopefully Halo 3 is region locked which should help prevent some of the damage from the early release

3931d ago
InMyOpinion3931d ago

Modded 360's are locked to NTSC/PAL. PAL owners can't play NTSC and the other way around.

TheMART3931d ago

Jenzo, that's not totally right

PAL can play NTSC
NTSC can play PAL

As long as it doesn't have a region lock!!!

Plus: hackers in the mean time are able to unlock the region lock to play all region locked games even

Frulond3931d ago

but they can be banned from xbox live if they play it online

Rooftrellen3931d ago

I would think it's more for people who want to see the end, not play online.

There wouldn't be that many people getting it right now to play online, even if they were brave enough to try, so that's not a big deal...people seeing (and posting, in some cases) the end of the trilogy is all this leak is good for, before the release date and all.

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TheColt3931d ago

They can be banned if they play online AND CHEAT. CHEATERS WILL FACE THE BANHAMMER. But stealthy ninjas will play away...

Caxtus7503931d ago

yeah and i thought all hacked attempts on the 360 get the console bricked once online. CAn someone update me on the status of the hacked 360? is it possible even when online now?

hope not :(

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sfinXters3931d ago

As far as I know, people are still able to go on-line with modded boxes.
Of course, MS will be closely watching if someone is trying to connect to Halo servers before release.

TheColt3931d ago

It is possible to on Xbox live with the most recent modded DVD firmware; it "emulates" proper operation when challenged by the live servers in terms of latency, keys, etc. The upside to this for xbox live players is that IF YOU CHEAT, YOU WILL BE DETECTED AND BANNED. Instant, obvious cause for bans. If you play the game as intended, however, with stealth firmware and stealth patches, it will work. Just wanted to add some clarity...

THC CELL3931d ago

72x100MB. what is that ?

typo ?

jkoz3931d ago

72 100MB files. Common file splitting scheme for downloading stuff online. In other words, it's 7.2GB compressed. Not bad.

jkoz3931d ago

But it's talk like a pirate day!

devilsadvocate3931d ago

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.