MGS Online bundled with MGS4

Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer spin-off of the Metal Gear Series, will come bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4, according Famitsu.

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THE_JUDGE3832d ago

I didn't play 3 online but I am itching to try 4 for sure.

Douche3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

There was a previous article with more specific info present. For one, it isn't the fully-fledged MGS Online game. A Starter Pack for MGS Online will be included with MGS4 so you can get a taste of this multiplayer experience. Quoted below is the article posted with all the info I pretty much stated above. Cheers.

"Metal Gear Solid 4 will include a small taste of the Metal Gear Online experience through an included "Starter Pack" mode, Hideo Kojima revealed at the Konami press conference today in Tokyo."

Link to the article:

monkey6023832d ago

That would be brilliant.

Douche3832d ago

I wouldn't go so far as to say "brilliant", but it is pretty sweet. Just kidding.

Frulond3832d ago

there will be 2 versions of the game?
1 just MGS4 and the other bundled with online pack?
either way... I'd go for the bundle :D

risk3832d ago

idk, maybe it will be on the same dvd...or maybe it will be a downloadable thing

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The story is too old to be commented.